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3. Getting really clear on who your target audience is, so you only speak to them

Consistently communicating your social impact is one of the most fruitful ways to attract paying customers, partners or sponsors.

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Kat Luckock, Share Impact, Impact Strategist & Business Coach

Hi, I’m Kat Luckock,

I'm an Impact Strategist for inspiring social entrepreneurs, who are creating amazing environmental or social impact in the world and are ready to communicate their story and attract more income!

I know how overwhelming, exhausting and discouraging it can feel when you're struggling to gain momentum in your social enterprise.

I know how it feels when you have to decide whether to keep going or give up. I've been there. 

Are you worried about whether your social enterprise will ever gain traction? Do you question whether or not your business idea is even a good one? Or whether your business model will really work? Do you worry whether you'll secure enough income this month to even keep your business alive? I've been there. It's awful!

Sometimes success and financial sustainability feels unattainable. You wonder if you'll ever achieve the vision you created. And you believe that maybe it's not worth the energy and effort. It's tough.

But I want you to remember, you might be the only person who cares enough about the problem you tackle, to do anything about it. You're probably the only person with the unique approach you've developed to solving this problem - the one that will make the difference.

And....I bet you're already achieving amazing impact through your social enterprise which is easy to forget in the day-to-day running of things. 

It's this amazing impact that you can use to sustain and grow your business. 

Personally, I struggled for far too long before I realised what attracted people to my social enterprise and encouraged them to buy from me or invest their money.

For years, I poured my heart and soul into my work, but could barely pay the bills and had no work-life balance. On top of this I kept dreaming of a business that was financially sustainable and enabled me to deliver the impact I desired. 

I was committed and passionate about the work that I did, so I told myself that if I just kept delivering a good quality service and practiced patience, one day it would pay off. I believed that someday we'd secure the income we really needed.

But things were slow and the truth is, if you keep doing the same things, you keep yielding the same results. 

I realised that just delivering amazing impact wasn't getting me or my social enterprise any closer to achieving my vision, and I noticed this was the same for other social entrepreneurs too.

After five years of listening to other social entrepreneurs share their struggles, and learning through experience about what really did work to attract customers and income, I came up with the idea for Share Impact.

I discovered what was different between those social entrepreneurs that achieved success and were financially sustainable and those who were still struggling to get by or gain momentum. 

I had tested these strategies in my own social enterprise and successfully seen a growth from £14k to over £100k in just 18 months. These strategies didn't just help increase income though they helped me:

  • focus on what truly mattered in my business;

  • enabled me to communicate with stakeholders in a way that they understood and connected with;

  • increased our presence and influence;

  • and increased our confidence that what we were doing was right.

I wanted to share this with others and help other social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven business owners find their unique ways to gaining momentum and sustaining their income, so they could focus on innovative solutions they delivered. 

Financial sustainability for your social enterprise should be priority number one! Because without sustainability you can't deliver the essential changes you see are needed in the world. 

Whether you deliver a small community project, sell an ethically sourced product to thousands around the globe or are creating ground-breaking, systemic change you still need funds to achieve your vision. So from £1k to £150k goals, I help you focus on the things in your business that make this a possibility.  

Like you, I don't like the status quo.

I don't like.... that our oceans are filling with plastic; that children and families are displaced from their homes because of conflict; that women and girls are sold and used as slaves; that communities are disconnected; that people die from hunger and malnutrition when there's excessive wealth and food around the world; that we still design and manufacture products for disposal, rather than lifelong re-use; that we destroy our habitats, species and don't value their worth; that we consume as if there's a limitless supply of resources; that people die from preventable diseases, such as malaria and cholera; that we judge and discriminate, rather than value peoples' unique qualities and abilities; that public services are over-stretched and don't meet individuals' needs; AND that many social entrepreneurs believe they will "get by" on goodwill, fresh air and working every hour of the day (and night)!    

I like doing things differently, and being disruptive. 

I believe social entrepreneurship is one amazing way to do this. But I also believe money is not the enemy and you should be paid well for the transformational work that you are dedicated to.

It's my mission to support you and your social enterprise to the next level: To create financial freedom, be more productive with your time and truly achieve your vision for the world.

Why? Because I see too many great ideas never go anywhere. I see dedicated social entrepreneurs with brilliant solutions burning out or giving up because they can't find a way to sustain their business. I see the same old things happening again and again, and I decided enough was enough. I believed there was another way, so I'm making it possible.

I'm creating a different where social enterprises are the norm (where purchases have a net-positive impact on society or the environment), where they have financial freedom to pivot and adapt quickly, where they invest in what's needed to achieve greater impact and where they embed the value of work-life balance in the way that they operate so founders, leaders and employees can live their ideal-life alongside achieving the much-needed vision they have for the world. 

With many years' experience starting and running social enterprises, not-for-profit organisations and third sector programmes, I know how tight things can get when you're operating on a shoestring and the stress that occurs when you're looking for your next income stream. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

You can create a different story. You can secure the income you need. You can attract a community of loyal customers or identify donors who want to invest in you. You can pay yourself what you desire and employ others to build your capacity. 

It won't happen overnight and I'm not offering quick fixes here. But I do have tried and tested approaches to simplifying your business and to help you achieve your vision. 

What about you?

Are you ready to create a step-change in your life & business to achieve the impact you dream of?

You are already the person you need to be to make your business flourish!

So don't delay your success for another moment.

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My Story...

Even as a child I dreamed of making a big impact in the world!

And I did everything I could to believe in the impossible and realise my dream. I studied hard at school, and went to university to study Peace Studies of all things. You don't get more "I'm going to change the world" than studying Peace Studies!!

But after three amazing years at university, I didn't become a Peace Maker for the UN or go travelling around the world working for an international development charity (amongst other things I thought about doing). Like many of us real life set in! And as I got older my dreams got smaller and smaller, and they became harder and harder to come by! 

Have you noticed how we limit ourselves by our fears as an adult?

However I took chances, jumped at new opportunities and learnt loads whilst I pursued a wonderful early career.

After 6 years of wonderful experiences my friend and I were offered an amazing opportunity to take over and give new life to an education programme which was struggling. We jumped at the chance and became social entrepreneurs! Reigniting the organisation with a new business model, we grew it's income from £14k to over £100k in 18 months, predominantly through trading (not grants!) For 3 fantastic years I fulfilled my dream of running my own business, at the age of 28.

But business fatigue set in, I loved my job and we were seeing success, but I had no work-life balance and I dreamed of a life where both my work and my personal life aligned, in harmony.

I buried the feeling away because I didn't know what to do next. 

Have you ever achieved your dream only to get stuck on what your next big achievement might be?

This happened to me.

In my confusion I made a decision to focus on my personal life and found a new job working for someone else. I quickly realised my mistake. I thought I had to decide between one or the other, my work or my personal life. I didn't think I could have it all and pursue my life with purpose, live abundantly and achieve success and social impact through business. This was just what a few lucky people managed to achieve, but it wasn't for me.

But then I came across a coach who convinced me to pursue my dream business and personal life. She convinced me it was possible for myself, but I had to commit to this dream everyday through consistent radical actions. She reminded me of something Nelson Mandela once said: "May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears". 

I was letting fear of not achieving all my dreams hold me back from going for them. This was not the person I wanted to be. I wanted to be the person who went for their dreams everyday. 

I realised I wasn't the only one experiencing my dilemma, and pursued a new path, to live my life with purpose and pursue the dreams I had for myself. 

I invested in a coach and began pursuing my new life, one day at a time. Share Impact is part of that journey, and I want to share it with you.  

One thing I know to be true is it's very unlikely you will achieve your vision and impact without a sustainable income, both for your business and yourself. 

Like you I love being a social entrepreneur because I can pursue my sense of purpose in the world and have a career where I make a difference everyday for a cause I’m passionate about. But I also need to make a living, and I want to be financially free and rewarded. I don’t want to be a struggling entrepreneur, sacrificing my income to keep the business going, wondering whether I’ll have a job in three months or constantly thinking I might be ‘better off’ in a "normal 9-5" (whatever that is)!

I want to run a thriving business, a business with a sustainable income, and one which pays me what I’m worth and allows me to pursue my dream-life too.

And I want this for you too.

You can see the future, and how you want it to be and are motivated to create that change through business so let's do this together!

I will help you achieve your vision, by helping you attract the customers you need to increase your income and impact.