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    Kat Luckock, Share Impact, Impact Strategist & Business Coach

    Hi, I’m Kat Luckock,

    I'm an Impact Strategist for businesses who are making a difference but don’t know how to measure or communicate that impact.

    Demonstrating your commitment to delivering social or environmental impact is more important than ever but it’s not always that easy to do, so we’re here to help you do exactly that.

    I started Share Impact when I realised to many social enterprises were struggling to communicate and evidence the difference they made.

    As a social entrepreneur myself and someone who has been leading impact-driven organisations and innovative programmes since the age of twenty-three I knew I could contribute more by making impact measurement more accessible.

    As I explored the field further I realised it wasn’t just social enterprises who struggled with measuring impact, traditional businesses, corporates and charities were also struggling with effectively communicating the difference they make to society, the environment or the economy. We want to help change that trend.

    In doing so we want to help businesses make a bigger difference. We strongly believe that businesses that do good and communicate their impact helps their bottom line and grow their impact.

    I am passionate about social enterprises as a force for good in the world. But in order for social enterprises become more dominant in the market we need to educate society (consumers, customers, citizens and businesses) about who they are and the difference they make.

    That’s why we’re helping you develop and share your Impact Story.

    We’re changing the status quo, because like you I’m fed up with it.

    I don't like.... that our oceans are filling with plastic; that children and families are displaced from their homes because of conflict; that women and girls are sold and used as slaves; that communities are disconnected; that people die from hunger and malnutrition when there's excessive wealth and food around the world; that we still design and manufacture products for disposal, rather than lifelong re-use; that we destroy our habitats, species and don't value their worth; that we consume as if there's a limitless supply of resources; that people die from preventable diseases, such as malaria and cholera; and that we judge and discriminate, rather than value peoples' unique qualities and abilities.

    But I am optimistic and believe this can all be changed.

    I also know you’re already working towards achieving some incredible impact by tackling one or more of the issues above.

    So if you’re challenging the status quo and want to shout about the difference you’re making but are not sure where to start get in touch and see if we can help.

    How I can help you


    We design and implement creative ways to measure your impact for you whether that be small projects, multi-year programmes or for the whole of your business.


    We curate incredible events, conferences and training with your delegates in mind; at inspiring venues and with a commitment to sustainability and zero waste.


    We work one-to-one with you and your team to help you plan your Impact Strategy. We help you understand what your impact is and how to measure it.


    Discover how to measure and communicate your impact better with our in-house, public or online training courses with resources tailored to your needs.


    Get advice, support and guidance to grow your Social Enterprise or impact business from founder Kat Luckock - a social enterprise expert and business mentor.


    Need help with your marketing, managing all those different social media platforms and reaching new customers? We provide expert support in planning, managing and automating your communications so it delivers you results everyday.

    Let’s jump on a call

    This is the quickest and easiest way to discover how I can help you and your business or organisation.

    It’s takes no more than 30 minutes. Book in a time in my calendar via the button below.

    Jump on a call with Kat Luckock at Share Impact

    A bit more about my story…

    I’m just a small town girl with big ambitions to transform the world we live in, so how did I get to where I am today?

    I’ve always been inquisitive about why so many people go without when others have so much; what causes violent conflict; and why we don’t give our natural resources the same respect and value as the things we deplete them for.

    Despite studying sciences at A Level, I went to study Peace & Development Studies at the internationally renowned University of Bradford, Peace Studies department to try and find some answers to these questions and explore what I could do to make a difference. However, when you learn more you just find you discover more questions - the journey had only just begun.

    I had a fantastic early career training and facilitating in interfaith dialogue across UK, whilst contributing to public policy on how we build good inter-community relations in a post 9/11 world. I specialised in bringing young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds together through volunteering and social action, and learnt about the power of community and simply believing in the possible, to make things happen.

    Often people would tell me that what I had planned would never work - this only made me more determined to prove them wrong!

    In the seven years I did this I grew my expertise in managing organisations, designing innovative programmes, securing grant funding and measuring impact (in an area that people said was too difficult to evidence).

    In 2013, my friend and I were offered an incredible opportunity to take-over a struggling education programme. We jumped at the chance to re-design and re-launch this incredible programme bringing teenagers and corporate employees together to create innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. For us a social enterprise model was the only solution to making this organisation sustainable, and aligned with our values of how businesses should be run.

    We wanted to step away from an organisation that was reliant on grant funding and corporate sponsorship, so we had agility to develop the business.

    My passion for impact developed during this time at Solutions for the Planet. I discovered this amazing world of social enterprises and businesses doing good but so many of them struggled to get off the starting blocks, sell their offers or scale.

    The one reason I saw why these businesses struggled was they didn’t have a clear impact story and weren’t able to evidence the difference they made (or wanted to make) to potential buyers, customers or investors.

    I wanted to create a change and so Share Impact was born.