Lead with Impact One-To-One Mentorship


It's time to make your VISION for CHANGE a reality


Do you dream of financial sustainability but need the strategy & communications know-how to get there quick?

Do you want hundreds of customers buying from you consistently, a tribe of loyal followers who share your story and a simple strategy that makes that happen so you don't have to spend hours on marketing?


Are you ready to reach your next level with a little less worry and a lot more confidence?





Remember this moment. It's the one where everything changes for you. 

Imagine for a second:

  • Rocking your sales online and getting oh-so-giddy when you see consistent payments coming in to your bank account every week

  • Having a loyal fan base of aligned followers who rave about you to their friends and family 

  • Being paid what you deserve, to do what you love and make a difference in the world

  • Employing a team, paying suppliers on time and creating exciting new partnerships to achieve your mission

  • Having your marketing on auto-pilot so you can spend time with your kids, book that dream eco-lodge or go out for tapas with your partner 

  • Being seen as an authority on fair-trade, ethical supply chains, sustainable manufacturing or zero-waste business approaches in your industry, fielding interview requests and media opportunities. You’re basically #internetfamous

I'm here to tell you that if I can do it, you can too. 

When I started my first social enterprise (back in 2013) I was worried about whether I could:

  • secure sustainable income and replace my previous salary of £30k+ a year

  • connect with customers, funders or investors in a way that made them sit up and listen

  • decide where to focus when there's 101 things to do every day

  • deliver everything I dreamed of with such a small income and team!


Trust me, I've been there, worrying about cash-flow; trying to deliver amazing impact; not sure who to focus on speaking to next AND having no idea what to do with all the incredible impact data I'd collected!! 

...Torn between delivering life-changing social and environmental impact and implementing a business strategy that actually brings in money every month! 

It's tough at the top, as CEO, of your purpose-driven business!

I've been there. I've hustled, lost the work-life balance battle, gone round and round in an endless cycle of uncertainty and insecurity, wondering if I should give it all up and just get a normal 9-5 which pays me a better wage, and gives stability! Do you ever feel like that?

It doesn't have to be like this though YOU CAN achieve financial sustainability; speak with confidence to your dream investors, funders or customers; measure your impact in ways that make sense to you and your team; and communicate your impact in a way that attracts people and income!

I did it and it's possible for you too!

I've set-up and developed three successful organisations: the first at the tender age of 23, tripling the annual income in just 12 months with grant funding (from £20k to £60k); the second a social enterprise that secured 70% trading income with corporate partners in 18 months, growing from just £14k in year one to over £100k a year and a half later (I have to say this was in partnership with my best friend and we made this happen together); and the third, this one, Share Impact Ltd, which made me money from day one of going full time! 

What's the secret? I just got really good at measuring and communicating the social and environmental impact we deliver. And I can show you how too!

In doing so, I also....

  • found SECURITY in knowing exactly how much money would come in to my bank account each month

  • increased my PRESENCE and INFLUENCE as an expert in my field

  • gained CONFIDENCE in talking about my organisation with passion and excitement to different audiences including CEOs of multi-national corporations; investors & grant funders; world leaders (yes I met Archbishop Desmond Tutu once!); politicians (we run our programme finale at Parliament every July); Headteachers; anyone who held the purse strings; as well as my family and Joe Bloggs next door (because sometimes they're the hardest people to explain what you do to)!

  • And I gained CLARITY on where to FOCUS my attention each day, to achieve the success I dreamed of!

There's no reason you can't do this too, but

Sometimes its hard to figure things out on your own. 

Kat Luckock CEO Share Impact

That's where I come in. 

As your coach, I will:

  • focus on YOUR goals, vision and values

  • support YOU to implement strategies aligned to who you are and want to be as a social enterprise leader

  • help YOU get out of your own way to achieving success

  • empower YOU to communicate your impact in a way that attracts customers, funders and investors

  • guide YOU to implement the systems that generate income, maximise your time and get your communications on track

  • nurture YOU be the LEADER you were born to be!

Depending on where you need most support, we could spend time clarifying your purpose; measuring your impact; crafting your Impact Story; developing your communications plan; setting up your communications systems; creating amazing copy on your website; developing your social media content; attracting new income or whatever else needs doing to get you to where you want to be!

Whatever you need to secure financial sustainability we'll work together to make it happen.

Because without customers, you don't have income and without income you can't deliver the amazing social or environmental impact the world so desperately needs.  

What's involved?

  • A FREE 30 minute call to see if we're a good fit, to discuss how I could help and decide on timings that would suit you

  • A plan of a suggested way forward and agreement on what we'll focus on

Its only at this stage that you decide whether you want to commit to working with me

  • 6x one hour calls over the 12 weeks so you get the 1:1 support and accountability you need

  • Follow up email with workbooks, resources and an action plan after each call

  • Email and Whatsapp access to me (on weekdays, 8am-6pm GMT) during our time together to ask questions, check things out and review progress

  • Follow up call (within one month) to review progress and check-in


  • 2 hours 'done for you services' to help you move forward. This might include re-writing some copy on your website, creating a corporate sponsor pack, writing a Press Release, an infographic or drafting out your impact report - whatever you need that I can help with

  • FREE access to my LIVE Group Coaching programme: Impact Communications That Convert (valued at over £6000)

What will we cover on the coaching calls?

My approach is completely tailored to what you need and the unique struggles you're facing in your social enterprise.

But here are some of the things we could work through during our time together:

  • RE-FOCUS ON YOUR INCOME STRATEGY - We’ll clarify your income goals and make sure you have a strategy that drives your business forward and enables financial sustainability

  • RECONNECT WITH YOUR VISION - We’ll discuss your your values, purpose and your true vision for change so you can embed it at the heart of your organisation and live it authentically

  • WEBSITE REFRESH - I’ll take a fresh look at your website and suggest changes to copy, design and layout that speaks more directly to your target customers and reflects your brand

  • CREATE YOUR IMPACT STRATEGY - Get crystal clear on the specific impact you want to achieve and create a plan that makes this a reality by an agreed deadline

  • IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET CUSTOMERS - gain clarity on who they are (and aren’t), where they are and what they need/desire

  • BUILD YOUR CUSTOMER ATTRACTION PLAN & COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY - Plan what, where and how to communicate online, in person and in print with new strategies for attracting your target customers

  • CAPTURE DATA & STORIES - Implement new tools for measuring your social and environmental impact so you can COMMUNICATE YOUR UNIQUE IMPACT STORY with passion and clarity

  • SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS with support and mindset tools that build your resilience and excitement for business

Over the three calls I'll coach you to think about your social impact, communications and business strategy to achieve the results you desire. I provide information, resources and action plans after the calls so you can continue implementing the changes you need. 

I'm here to help you through the process and will do my up-most as your coach, cheer-leader and friend to get you to where you want to be. 

What's the investment?

Work with me 1:1 for 12 weeks for only…


I only take 2 clients a month.

And I only work with clients who I know I can support and make a difference too. With this in mind I invite you to a FREE 30 minute call for us discuss where you’re at, what you’re trying to achieve and whether we’re a good fit.

If I feel we are a good fit I’ll explain how I can support you over the 12 weeks and what results you can expect to see. You can also ask me any questions about the 1:1 mentorship.

So you can get started with me sooner rather than later BOOK your FREE, no-obligation 30 minute call with me here.

I'll be completely honest about whether I can help you and if I can't I'll try and refer you to someone else who can. 

Marion Ellis

“Working with Kat has taken my career and campaign in a direction far and above what I thought might be possible. I started off playing small and wanting to share stories and information on the quiet. She encouraged me to be visible when I didn’t know how to be. It has made the world of difference not just to me but to the women I have sought to help and support.

I have been asked to speak publicly about my work in industry press and also representing my regulatory body on industry panels. My work has been recognised and I couldn’t have done that without Kat’s drive and encouragement to think big. I highly recommend working with her if you want to make a difference but don't know where to start.”

Marion Ellis, RICS

“The best thing is the accountability Kat provides; goals are set or challenges laid down after each session and I couldn’t wait to get started and make progress on them. I ended each call feeling energised and with a clear plan of action!  Great for someone like me who tries to do everything at once!

I used to stumble over my words or be too fluffy when asked about my business. I couldn’t articulate it very well and frankly was a little embarrassed about talking about the impact I want to make in the world. Through exploring this with Kat I’m much more confident, focused and sure of myself now. My dream doesn’t feel silly or unachievable anymore and I’m super proud of myself for stepping up and trying to create a different life for myself and my family”.

Rachel Cumberland-Dodd, Founder of Feed Marketing

Rachel Cumberland Dood

Jo Hendrickx, Travel Without Plastic

Before working with Kat, I was feeling that my hands were tied by my own expectations of low pricing and what I was able to earn – how would I actually make the business profitable? I chose to work with Kat because I felt like she was the only person that understood what I wanted to achieve - which was to make a positive difference whilst making money. 

Kat helped me to look at pricing differently and to understand how to lead with value first, that's when I realised how ridiculously cheap I was being.  Just some simple exercises made me feel completely different about my own product, it made me feel proud to stand up and say 'this is what it is worth' and 'no, you're not having it for less'. 

I've now been able to refine my pitch and simplify my pricing. Helping me earn €17k rather than €4k for one potential sale. Kat has also helped me to prioritise and to focus on what matters.  Now, I can actually work with people and make a decent income which would never have happened if I'd stuck to my old pricing and approach.

The best part of working with Kat is the amount of support and input you get from her, I didn't realise how much extra I got in addition to the calls.  I had no idea she'd help me out with tech, research, be on hand for questions."  

Jo Hendrickx, Co-Founder of Travel Without Plastic (Gran Canaria, Spain)

Why did I decide to work with Kat? Instinct, and I don’t regret it.
Before I worked with Kat, I wasn’t sure about my marketing strategy and I needed help to prepare for a presentation I was giving to a potential funder. Kat helped by giving me feedback on my new organisation and marketing strategy, She gave me confidence that I was not so bad after all. I liked her ability to listen and understand where I stood.
I was able to go to my first face-to-face meeting with a large funder without any doubts about why I wanted to launch my cooperative, and I convinced them....securing us marketing & legal support, plus access to funding.
— Veronique Thirot-Lafond, Founder of The Cleaning Group LLC (a cooperative)

Frequently Asked Questions

There's loads of free support and advice out there for social entrepreneurs why should I pay for coaching with you?

You know what there is some fantastic free support out there and if you haven't accessed that yet by all means sign-up, it probably will help. But I offer something different.

Many of these free programmes offer one or two hours on measuring impact, and very few of them offer support on marketing and communications. This is what I specialise in. I provide a wholistic approach to business strategy for social entrepreneurs, aligned to your 'why' and vision for the world, so you learn how to communicate the impact that matters and attracts the income you need.

My one-to-one approach also enables us to dive deep into what works for YOU as the owner, leader and founder of your organisation, not just a one-size fits all approach to running a social enterprise. 

I've also been there, I've set-up and run social enterprises, I've been through the struggles, I've done the long hours, and I've felt the frustration. Working with me isn't about quick wins, these things take time but you will notice a difference as soon as I start working with you. Many of my clients have seen results within a month of us working together, that has repaid the investment. 

What if I can't afford it?

This may sound flippant (it's not meant to) but can you afford not to get the help you need to turn things around? How long can you go on before you'll have to give up? If you really think about it, how much time and money are you wasting now, spinning your wheels to do everything for very little or no financial return?

This is just a small investment to fast-track you to where you want to be. I won't encourage anyone to go in to debt but sometimes it's necessary to invest to see the results. I did this when I started Share Impact, I invested in a high level coach for 12 months - it was a huge financial commitment, but it was the best money I've ever spent. Have you got any savings, reserves, credit cards, things you could sell on ebay, family or friends who could lend you the money? Sometimes we just need to make a small sacrifice with the other things we spend money on, for a short amount of time, so we can invest in the things that get us results!

I know how difficult it is to invest in yourself when finances are low. I'll be honest with you from the start, if I don't think I can help you to see returns from working with me I'll suggest something else - I'm not in this to just make a quick buck, I genuinely want to help you achieve your vision and dreams. We can also discuss payment plans to spread the payments out. 

I'm not in the UK can we still work together?

Absolutely. In fact the majority of my clients to date have been outside the UK, in Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. We arrange our calls at times to suit you. And as long as they're during UK daytime (7am - 8pm) we can usually make it work. 

How is payment made?

I request payment by BACS / Bank Transfer, if for any reason this is not possible payment is possible by Paypal or Stripe.

When does payment need to be made?

Payment should be made before our first call. (The PayPal request will give you a date by which it needs to be paid). 

There are also payment plan options. Please get in touch to discuss this option. 

What results can I expect?

This really is down to you and how you choose to implement what you learn through my coaching, workbooks and resources. I'll support you all the way, but at the end of the day its your business and you have to do the work. 

Previous clients have seen results following the first call. Others have seen a return on their investment within as little as a month of us working together through securing new customers / partnerships, additional income or implemented improved sales funnels. 

You can read the types of results my past clients have had here.

The types of results you might see depending on what you choose to focus on:

  • improved clarity about your business and income strategy

  • a clear communications plan you can confidently implement

  • new methods for collecting feedback, evaluation and measuring your organisation's impact

  • improved confidence in your 'why' and vision, and how to communicate & achieve it

  • increased presence and influence in your field

  • practical action steps to achieve your goals

  • new income streams and financial sustainability!

Things are pretty busy in my life & business at the moment, should I wait for a better time?

If you're ready to make the shift to Successful Social Entrepreneur, there's no time like the present. There will always be distractions and other things to do. And, if you wait for the 'perfect time' it will likely never happen. How long can you really go on without financial security and opportunities to grow your business? We can discuss how to manage your time so it doesn't just become another burden on you, but helpful to you in achieving your vision. 

I have a charity or voluntary organisation, can you still help me? 

Yes! If you're stuck on how to measure and communicate your social impact to attract grant funding I can help you with that. Before I became a social entrepreneur I worked for 7 years applying for grants, managing projects and evaluating impact for funders. 

I just need someone to create my Impact Report - can you do that?

Possibly. I have helped clients with Impact Reports in the past. Check out Solutions for the Planets which I designed. The best thing to do is jump on a call so we can discuss what you need. 

I just need someone to help with our social media strategy, and manage it for us - can you do that?

Possibly. One of the services I offer some clients is social media management. The best thing to do is jump on a call so we can discuss exactly what you need. 

One final note...

Whether or not you choose to work with me, I want you to know.... the issue(s) you tackle and the amazing solutions you deliver are too important to go unnoticed.

Whatever it is, there was a powerful reason why you created your social enterprise. 

And remember it's your unique vision and approach that the world needs to create the change that is needed, and without you it probably won't happen. 

So don't give up, but make sure you do the things in your social enterprise that will give you financial sustainability because without this you will struggle to reach your vision. 

I believe you can achieve whatever you want to in your business, but I know from experience, we all need help from time to time.

I would love to work with you to make sure you and your organisation achieve your dreams - a world where the issue you tackle is no longer a problem. Where your solution has changed the status-quo.

This is a world I want to travel to with you. I believe together we can make this happen.  

I'l just provide that different perspective and help you find solutions to get your story out there, so you can attract more income, grow your business and create greater impact.

With me you'll know exactly who you need to target and how to attract them to buy from or partner with you.

How? Social enterprises who communicate why they exist and share their social impact story, have greater influence and presence. More people know about them, and as a result they grow more quickly. But this has to be done consistently and with purpose. And I know how hard this is when your main focus is on delivering the impact in the first place.

I also give back and am committed to a social enterprise supply chain. So you can trust that any money you invest in me will go on to do good in the world, as I only spend money with other social enterprises, purpose-drive businesses and charities focused on solutions I'm most passionate about: youth leadership, women's empowerment and anti-trafficking/slavery. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.