Group Coaching

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Copy of Lead with impact 8 week intensive.png

Group Coaching


Join this months group coaching session with Kat Luckock to get support and ask questions on the things troubling you most in your social enterprise or ethical business.

Next call is on Monday 10th September at 10am-12pm BST

You can stay for the whole two hours or simply pop-in as and when you can. You will receive a recording of the call too so you can listen back to the feedback, answers and suggestions made.

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Results you can expect on these calls include:

CLARITY on who your target audience is and how to approach them
⚡Simple steps to measuring your IMPACT that make sense to you and your team
Personalised INSIGHTS aligned to your vision and mission
⚡Practical actions to achieve sales
Answers to the questions your searching for on Google all day
Confidence to go for it


How does it work?

Once you’ve purchased you’ll receive a link to the group call (via Zoom Webinar).

Once we’re on the call I unmute you one at a time so you can ask your question and coach you for at least 10 minutes at a time before we move on to the next person.

You get to listen to their question and my coaching and answers too as they might be relevant to your business as well. Plus you get to interact in the chat box, share your ideas and thoughts, and possibly ask another question depending on how many people are on the call (maximum 15 this month).


Group Coaching with me at just 10% of what I usually charge.


By signing up you're not committing to joining the calls every month just the next one in September (10th at 10am, BST).

However if you do want to join the next one I will send you the link one week before so you don't miss out. 

Please read my Terms & Conditions before you purchase. 


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