Power Up Strategy Call

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Power Up Strategy Cal (1).png

Power Up Strategy Call


For women who have that one little niggle that's holding their venture back. In this 2 hour intensive I'll give you a different perspective and help you break through your barrier.

It's time to POWER-UP your focus, messaging, impact communications or whatever challenge you're facing right now. Don't do it alone!  

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This package is perfect if...

  • You're not seeing the sales you want to see in your social enterprise or ethical business?

  • You're not confident with your messaging on your website or on social media

  • You need help creating a communications plan or strategy

  • You're not connecting with your ideal customer OR you need clarity on who they are

  • You want to reach a wider audience or build a tribe of loyal customers online


This package will vary depending on your needs but usually includes:

  • Pre-call survey to focus your mind for the call

  • A Communications Audit tool to help you assess where you are right now

  • My Ideal Client Workbook

  • My Financial Sustainability Planning Toolkit

  • 2 hour intensive video-call with me, via Zoom

  • A personalised Impact Communications Plan for your business so you know exactly what to do

  • Accountability 4 weeks after the call to see how you're getting on

These are some of the things we could cover during the two hours:

  • clarify your ideal client so you know exactly who you're targeting

  • identify how to drive traffic to your website in ways that align to your brand and capacity (using free approaches that cost money or eat up all your time!)

  • discover your impact message and how to communicate to your ideal client

  • craft a plan that helps you communicate your message and drive traffic to your website

  • update the copy on your website to convert visitors in to customers

I don’t work with just anyone, in order to see if we’re a good fit I invite you to a FREE Impact Strategy session with me where we can discuss if and how I can help you in this 2 hour intensive. If I feel like we’re a good fit then we’ll get you booked in.

What others say about how I work...

Sophie Roberts, West Plum Studio

"In all honesty it's been a massive confidence boost! I’ve now got the confidence to keep pushing forwards, developing and growing the business. Before [speaking with Kat] I was struggling with how to communicate my message to my audience. I know what I stand for as a business and what is important to me, but I was struggling to work out how to share that effectively in a way that connected with customers. Kat has helped me massively to see 'the wood for the trees' and pull together my brand beliefs into something I can share with my audience. I understand now what problem I'm solving for customers which was something I really struggled to pin down before. She’s also given me the confidence to pursue some of the ideas I've had for developing the business and also suggested things I would never have considered doing." Sophie Roberts, Founder at West Plum Studio


"Why did I decide to work with Kat? Instinct, and I don’t regret it. Before I worked with Kat, I wasn’t sure about my marketing strategy and I needed help to prepare for a presentation I was giving to a potential funder. Kat helped by giving me feedback on my new Cooperative and my marketing strategy and gave me confidence, that I was not so bad after all. I liked her ability to listen and understand where I stood. I was able to go my first face-to-face meeting with a large funder without any doubts about why I wanted to launch my Cooperative, and I convinced them, securing marketing and legal support plus access to funding." Veronique Thirot-Lafond, Founder of The Cleaning Group LLC (a cooperative)

Rupy Kaur, You Own It

"I loved working with Kat! I gained so much value and confidence... I had a real breakthrough in working out my vision for my business. Kat listened to me and helped me work towards some real and achievable targets! I'd definitely work with Kat again she's awesome." 

Rupy Kaur, Founder of You Own It


Jen Gale, The Ethical Coach

"I didn't know how to craft my sales pages so that it was a no-brainer for people to buy from me. [Now] I know exactly what I need to include and am re-writing my sales pages to make them more compelling. I also feel far more confident about the value of what I am offering." 

Jen Gale, The Ethical Coach


Susanna Kelly, Hope + Story

"Kat doesn’t make me guess, try to work things out for myself or just agree with everything I say. Instead she uses her incredible knowledge of the social enterprise landscape to give me practical advice, ideas, solutions and actions to follow up on. She is an Encyclopaedia" 

Susanna Kelly, Founder at Hope + Story