10 secrets to Financial Sustainability

10 secrets

These 10 secrets come from my 10+ years experience of finding financial sustainability for social enterprises, charities and not-for-profits.

They're exactly what I use every month to maintain financial sustainability in my own social enterprise and use with clients to help them secure financial sustainability in their organisations.

In this guide:

  • Discover what's holding you back from reaching your monthly income goals
  • Find out what shifts you need to make to see results
  • Understand the key tools to reach financial sustainability
  • Start believing it's possible, even when things get tough
  • How to plan for success!
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Impact Academy

90-days to Financial Sustainability

Discover new ways to attract paying customers, funders or invetsors through communicating your unique impact story!

For social entrepreneurs, not for profits & purpose driven business owners who are already delivering game-changing social or environmental impact but are stuck on how to secure sustainable income.

Starting Friday 9th February 2018!

Is it for me?

Are you struggling to secure income for your social enterprise?

Do you worry about how you're ever going to reach your impact / vision?

Are you wondering if you can continue?

Then this is the course for you.


Running a social enterprise or purpose-driven business can be hard work! But it doesn't have to be financially damaging.

You've got everything in place, you're delivering amazing impact but the one thing that keeps you up at night is whether it can be financially sustainable. Am I right?

The income goals you set don't come to fruition. You're ready to increase your capacity and deliver more impact but you don't know how to get that much needed cash in.  

The struggle can be over!

I've been there myself. I struggled for too long wondering why I wasn't attracting the income I so desperately needed in my social enterprise. I wondered why people weren't getting what I was doing and why they didn't want to invest, or buy from me. 

But then things started to change...I decided struggling was no longer an option. Financial sustainability was the most important thing to sort out first, because without that I couldn't continue, and giving up WAS NOT an option!! 

So I shifted my focus. I stopped blaming others and started taking ACTION to change the way I communicate our benefit; I changed my MINDSET about money; I developed our IMPACT STORY and started communicating my WHY with everyone we wanted to engage. 

And it worked, I started to see results. Our income grew from £14k income a year to over £100k in just 18 months!!

Do you want those results, and more? 

It is absolutely possible for you to turn things around in your social enterprise and start earning the income you need to realise your vision, and deliver the impact that's so desperately needed.

In this programme I share everything you need to start to see results in just 90 days!! And I walk through with you each step of the way.

To good to be true?

I know, that's what you're thinking...."Financial Sustainability in 90 days" - it's not possible.

But that's part of the problem. When we believe something isn't possible we make it impossible. 

Just imagine for a moment, what if it was possible?

What would it mean if your social enterprise was financially sustainable in 90 days?

What if you had a clear road map for how to bring in money every month?

What would you be able to achieve if you didn't have to waste time worrying about where the money was coming from?


Isn't it even worth giving it a go?

Well yes, but this programme is only going to work if you're 100% committed. I don't have a magic wand. You don't reach financial sustainability just from joining the course, you still have to do the work. 

But it's always easier to reach your goals with support. And in this programme you'll have support from me and the other go-getting social entrepreneurs who've also decided enough is enough!

Well, how does it work?

....and why isn't everyone doing it?

There are three things we focus on in this programme: mindset, audience and communicating your impact story. 

These are the three things that you and other social entrepreneurs are not focused on and it's damaging your potential.


  • Your MINDSET limits or enables everything you believe is or isn't possible and most of us believe struggling for income is part of the social entrepreneurs journey - it isn't (or doesn't have to be)!
  • Your AUDIENCE is whoever you want to engage with your business and those who you want to buy from you (or give you money) but we're not very good at getting super clear on who these audiences are,so the results are ineffective.
  • COMMUNICATING your organisation’s social impact is one of the most powerful ways to attract paying customers, funders or investors but you're either a) not doing it or b) not doing it right. And you're not alone, research shows it's the one thing that leaders of social change organisations say they struggle with the most.


Maybe you know the importance of these things in theory, but don’t know how to make changes and implement it in practice?

Like most social entrepreneurs you don't use your social impact as a tool:

  • to stay results focused
  • to attract your target audience
  • or as a key part of your business strategy

Maybe you think measuring social impact is just a necessary thing to do for a funder? 

This course takes you ahead of the curve and shows how your SOCIAL IMPACT, why you started this organisation in the first place and the vision you have for the world are exactly the things that will inspire others to support you. 

Here's what one of my clients said just days after starting to tell her why, rather than explaining what and how her organisation did:

Jo Clay.jpg

"So I used my 'why' yesterday in both the job centre with clients and with a new school [we were trying to get on board]. The job centre resulted in 5 people signing up, there and then, and being adamant that they really wanted to attend the course.  I also made a really good link with ex-service personnel, and one of the work coaches is super keen to get us in to deliver a course to a group of lone parents. The school were totally bought in and have booked us for a course in June and are keen to develop a longer term partnership with us. Coincidence?  I don't think so."

Jo Clay, Empower - Be the change.

What are the outcomes I can expect?

  • Reconnect with who you really are - your vision, values and purpose – and embed this at the heart of your organisation
  • Get crystal clear on what impact you want to achieve over the next 90 days, and learn skills, models and tools to make this a reality
  • Identify your target audience – the specific people you want to attract to your business 
  • Learn strategies for attracting your target audience in a way that makes them want to invest in your business
  • Determine what your social impact is and learn new tools for measuring it
  • Discover why your impact story will attract paying customers
  • Tell your story in a compelling way that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Plan where and how to communicate to attract your target audience
  • Find digital tools that work for you and overcome your fears  of technology

What’s included?

Over the 12 weeks...

  • I'll walk alongside you, step-by-step helping you to achieve your financial sustainability
  • You'll join me on weekly group coaching calls to help you implement each of the 10 modules, we'll celebrate success, share experiences and work through your challenges
  • You'll get direct email access to me throughout the week and personalised voice messages (WhatsApp) when you need that extra support


As part of this beta course you'll get access to:

  • Six jam-packed modules (available online for you to access in your own time) outlining the exact strategies I used to successfully grow a social enterprise to over £100k sustainable income in 18 months, and how you can reach financial sustainability in just 90 days!
  • Each module includes downloadable workbooks, video training and technical system tutorials to guide you each step of the way - I've left nothing out!

  • 12 bonus modules from fantastic guest experts, I've personally selected

  • Access to checklistscheat-sheets, guides and the Impact Academy reading list - not to be missed!

  • Connect with an incredible group of social entrepreneurs who are dreaming big, just like you, in a private Facebook group, where you can share your stories, your struggles, and your wins with others who are on your side
  • Lifetime access to the course material (including all updates and additions to the course!)


The Modules

1. WELCOME PACK & GETTING STARTED: as soon as you join you'll get access to your Welcome Pack, so you can dive right in.

2. FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY - what does it look like for you?

  • MINDSET: Overcoming the blocks you have to achieving financial sustainability
  • SETTING CLEAR GOALS AND INTENTIONS: Getting clear on what you want to achieve and finding accountability
  • WHY IMPACT MESSAGING WORKS: Why using your impact story attracts customers, donors and sponsors (and why it should be the number one thing you focus on in your business today)

3. DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Determine exactly who your target audience is so you can attract them directly

4. CRAFT YOUR IMPACT STORY: Who you are and what your social impact is – crafting your unique impact story

  • RECONNECT TO WHY: Gain confidence in talking about why you do what you do
  • MEASURE & EVIDENCE YOUR IMPACT: Different approaches for measuring your impact in a way that makes sense to you, your team and your target audience

5. DEVELOP YOUR COMMUNICATIONS PLAN: How to package your story and where to ‘display’ it - plan for success with your personal communications plan for each 90 day period

  • UP-LEVEL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA: Discover trends in digital marketing and how this helps you communicate your story to a wider, or new audience, along with how to use different platforms and tools to communicate your story 
  • LEVERAGE YOUR WEBSITE FOR SALES: Website essentials to keep customers engaged and simple hacks to increase sales
  • DESIGN YOUR IMPACT REPORT: Increase your influence with a report that stands out from the crowd
  • MO NETISE YOUR MAILING LIST: Grow your email list, overcome writers block and convert subscribers to paying customers

6. GROW YOUR TRIBE & SCALE YOUR IMPACT: Put everything together and reflect on how far you've come, then create a game plan for the future and decide what's next for your business

The BONUS modules

I have brought together twelve amazing coaches and entrepreneurs to share their expertise with you on the following topics:

  • How to set and achieve non-negotiable GOALS
  • Learn to manage your TIME like a pro
  • Live your life FEARLESS
  • Use COLLABORATIVE communication to create opportunities
  • Money MINDSET 
  • The power of your personal brand
  • The VALUES of your brand
  • Creating your Brand
  • INSTAGRAM Marketing
  • PINTEREST Marketing
  • WEBSITE for the Win
  • PITCH to corporates

What's the investment?

Usual price: £1800 (or $2550)


Join the Beta programme today for just £329 (or $470)!

That's more than 80% off, just for being a beta tester.


Or get a monthly payment plan for £99 / month for four months (£396 / $560), click here

What about some bonuses?


If you join by 21st February you'll also get...

  • One hour of 1:1 coaching with me when you need it most throughout the course


  • A review of your website and suggestions on how you can improve it to convert for sales / investment



How would it feel to:

  • MEASURE and COMMUNICATE your impact with simple tools and techniques
  • have a consistent flow of CUSTOMERS aligned to your VISION, who are eager to buy your products or services
  • increase your PRESENCE and INFLUENCE
  • achieve your monthly income GOALS
  • free up your valuable time to think creatively about how to develop your social enterprise
  • no longer stress about cash-flow and reduce your reliance on grants
  • grow a loyal COMMUNITY who understands and loves your brand
  • get what you need to SCALE your social impact
  • be confident all your communications have a PURPOSE aligned to your VALUES and BELIEFS
  • become ENERGISED from your business
  • CONNECT with other like-minded women, like you, who are up to BIG THINGS!

Stop wishing and hoping, and start getting the results you dream of


Read what my past clients have said about working with me here


Who is the programme for?

Social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven business owners who are already delivering social or environmental impact. This course will help you measure your impact, use this to create your Impact Story, and plan your communications in a way that will attract paying customers. The course also includes how to create an Impact Report, maximise your website, monetise your mailing list, create visuals for all communications and how to build your marketing and communications strategy in to your business planning. 

I'm a start-up or brand new business/social enterprise, will the course still be relevant to me?

Yes the course will still be relevant particularly the modules on mindset, identifying your target audience, planning your  communications including social media, monetising your mailing list and leveraging your website for sales. If you're just starting out you may not be delivering social or environmental impact yet so the modules on measuring your impact or crafting your impact story will be less relevant, however reading through them may help you plan how to do this as you start delivering your impact. 

My social enterprise / business is 3+ years old, what benefits will I get from the course?

The course is designed with you in mind. It is perfect if you're reviewing or just starting your Social Impact Strategy or Communications Plan. You can align it with your business plan and operating model to help attract customers and generate income. 

Is there a discount for multiple teams members?

Yes if you have more than one person in your team who you would like to join the course email me. You can invite additional team members to join the programme at a reduced rate.

Is there somewhere I connect, collaborate, and discuss progress, challenges and questions with others in the programme?

Yes once you join the programme you will be invited to join a private Facebook Group just for those on the programme, where you can connect and collaborate. As well as ask your questions, help one another and share your progress. Staying accountable and consistently taking action can be difficult sometimes, so this groups there's to help. I'll also be available in the group to answer your questions. 

Each month there will be a live webinar to discuss progress and answer any questions or discuss challenges you're facing. 

How much does it cost?

As a beta member you can get the course today for just £329 (or £99 / month for four months on a  payment plan). This is more than 80% discount on the value of the course (which is over £1800). 

Is it really lifetime access?

Yes you get lifetime access to all the course content so you can work at your own pace. So even if you don't start this month or this year now is the time to buy it at this reduced price, as it won't be offered at this price for long. 

Do you have a refund policy?

There is a 30 day guarantee. If you're not happy with the course content you can request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase via Teachable, no questions asked. Why am I offering this, because I know the content is more than worth the cost of this course. It offers loads of value and there is something for everyone within the 10 modules. You will not be disappointed. I am so confident in this that there is a 30 day guarantee. 

Still got questions? Email me.

Attracting income to your social enterprise doesn't have to be a constant struggle

I have pulled together everything I've learnt as a social entrepreneur and designed this programme with you in mind.

It includes all the tools, resources and support you need to identify, measure and communicate your Impact Story to the audiences you're looking to attract. 

Stop ignoring your impact communications and discover how to engage people with your story, brand and offers.

If you are craving more, it's because you were meant for more.

You’re here to do amazing things - anything is possible for you and your social enterprise. 

You won't find anything like this anywhere else.

Here's what I want you to know

1. Your vision is too important for it not to be realised

If you believe this then you haven't got time to waste. Now is the only time for action. I'll help you stay focused, and overcome the day-to-day distractions of you achieving your goals. We'll also focus on how we share your vision with others, so they know exactly what journey you're asking them to go on with you.  2. You are worth the investment

2. You are the best person to lead your organisation, and you are worth investing in, as is your business.

There's no shame in asking for help, in fact all the best leaders do. "Someday" will not get you to where you need to be now in your business. You might never find that 'extra time' to get this done, if you say "someday". So make it today that you take radical action to achieve your dreams. I'll be there every step of the way.  3. Imagine the difference it will make


3. When we focus on our dreams and imagine them as if they were real, they have a strange way of becoming reality.

So imagine what it will feel like to....

  • have a consistent flow of customers aligned to your vision, who are eager to buy your products or services
  • have a loyal community who understands and loves your business
  • have potential customers, partners, donors or funders contact you for more information about products and services, rather than the other way around
  • consistently achieve your monthly income goals
  • free up your valuable time to think creatively about your business
  • no longer stress out about cash-flow
  • reduce your reliance on grants
  • get what you need to scale your business or deepen your impact
  • quit second guessing yourself and run your business with ease
  • put energy in to your business in a way you know will pay off


Use your Impact Story to attract customers and income!

Still got a questions? Email me.