Corin Bell, Junk Food Project Manchester #8

In this weeks podcast Corin, shares her story of setting up the Real Junk Food Project in Manchester.

An organisation she dreams of becoming non-existent in the future, once the food system is transformed from the one it is today. 

It reminded me of a talk I went to once from a charity leader who said, charities main focus should be how they put themselves out of business, in other words how do they solve the problem so that they're no longer needed. This is exactly Corin's vision and it's great to hear her passion throughout this podcast. 

My biggest take-away (excuse the pun) from Corin, for all you budding entrepreneurs out there is when you face a risk or fear in your business because it's never been done before or you don't have the experience "just do it anyway....ask for forgiveness rather than permission"!

Corin has worked in sustainability, with a focus on sustainable food and food waste, for a number of years. She started as a Project Manager for Environmental Strategy at Manchester City Council, and moved to freelance work at the start of 2011. She is a campaigner for Manchester Friends of the Earth, a Co-ordinator for the UK Gleaning Network, and a volunteer at FareShare North West. Corin is passionate about changing our broken food system, and social justice.

Find out more about the Real Junk Food Project Manchester here.  

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