Sanne Meijboom, I-Like Local #24

Sanne Meijboom I-Like Local

The trend for home-stays, farm-work holidays and other 'live like a local' adventures is growing in the tourism industry....but how do we know we are experiencing something authentic or contributing positively to the people we stay with, or adding to the local economy? Sanne Mejiboom has answered this with her social business: I-Like Local. 

Starting July 2014, from her home in Kenya, Sanne launched a unique travel company online which puts the hosts at the heart of the experience. 

Operating in an incredible 18 countries in Asia & Africa and offering over 600 experiences for travellers to choose from, Sanne shares her story of how the idea developed and how she has established such a successful brand. 

Her company is for the adventurist traveller who organises their own travel and wants a unique experience, away from the usual tourist experiences.

On this podcast:

  • How Sanne brought together her passion for different cultures, interest in how people collaborate and use their full competencies, and commitment to innovation
  • How she overcame the practical challenges of not always being in the countries the experiences are in
  • How having a really clear vision of the types of experiences she wanted to enable people to have, and the types of hosts she wanted to work with helped Sanne create really meaningful experiences
  • The importance of connecting with what makes you happy and want to get out of bed every morning
  • The biggest challenges facing Sanne now she's looking to grow and expand the company
  • Hear about some of Sanne's favourite experiences they have to offer on their website in Kenya and Nepal honest with yourself about what makes you happy - what makes you want to get out of bed everyday...
— Sanne Meijboom

Find out more or book part of your next holiday here at I-Like Local

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