Joy MacKeith, Triangle Consulting #23

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The first podcast with a social enterprise who's helping others measure their impact with the Outcomes Star. 

Joy Mackeith started Triangle Consulting with 2 other women, when they were freelancers and simply had a joint interest in working with mission driven organisations and charities.

They collaborate from their shared interest in their own personal and spiritual development, even though the work they did together didn't particularly focus on this. 

The first project they worked on together (before Triangle Consulting was created) was with a large homeless charity, where they were commissioned to create a system for measuring outcomes of those who received services in the homeless charity. The Outcomes Star was born.  

They now provide a suite of tools to help in one-to-one support situations, to enable the key-worker and service user to see the change or distance travelled for the service user, during the engagement. They now have about 30 tools for different sectors and have a license model for organisations to access their tools and training globally.

In this podcast we discuss:  

  • How the founders knew they worked well together and found synergy very early on
  • Recognising that what you create can have added benefits. In the Outcomes Star case this was that it actually assisted key-workers approach to their work which enables service users
  • How understanding your assumptions in creating a product can add extra value in it's delivery if you share this and recognise it's significance
  • Learning about things as you grow and develop, for example, intellectual property and software compatibility - two things Joy knew nothing about before
  • How a license model has enabled the organisation to grow internationally
  • The importance of listening to what's needed by those you're working with to innovate in your business

Find out more about Triangle Consulting and their Outcomes Star here

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