Tahni Aitken, Kudu & Mimi #22


Tahni Aitken talks about her Australian based social enterprise, Kudu & Mimi, which she set up with her sister two years ago bringing together their backgrounds in not-for-profits and business, respectively.

They produce ethically sourced and manufactured nappy bags, one-off vintage bags and other treasures for the home, as well as organic cotton and denim children's clothing. 

Tahni talks about how her desire to spend more time with her young family, whilst on maternity leave, but also wanted to have something for herself which has meaning and purpose. 

The business was a way to combine her passions, create beautiful, ethically sourced products and sustainable income so they could donate to another local charity, close to their hearts. 

We talk about:

- wanting to run a business that considered ethics, environment and people throughout the whole supply chain

- having a business with social purpose

- focusing on the things that are personally meaningful, in Tahni's experience wanting to support charities who work with young people with learning disabilities

- and not being a business that focused on mass production for sales but getting the right balance for sustainability, whilst staying true to core values of why the business was set up.

"....be confident in what you're doing and persevere!"

Find out more about Kudu & Mimi on their website here

Two worlds apart but one world together
— Tahni Aitken

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