Madeline Petrow & Lenny Leeman, MAMOQ #29

"When you think ethical, think MAMOQ" - A curated collection for the conscious consumer. 

When I was first in contact with Madeline and Lenny just over 6 months ago I was so excited to see MAMOQ launch. I had been searching for years for somewhere to buy clothes that were ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. 

Yes, I'd come across various brands through endless Google searches and recommendations from friends but I'd always forget who they were and struggle to find them again. 

What I love about MAMOQ is that all these brands are in one place - making it easier for the consumer (or me) to access variety and style. 

Mamoq Share Impact

MAMOQ stands for meaning, accountability, materials, opportunity and quality. And Madeline and Lenny have created a brand that incorporates all these values, which they explain in more detail in the podcast. 

Brands are chosen on whether they meet at least three of the following 12 standards they've set as required to be a MAMOQ brand: artisan craft; recycled or up-cycled; eco-conscious; economic empowerment; gives back; handmade; made in Europe; natural materials; organic; third party certified; transparent; or vegan. 

Madeline and Lenny met whilst studying their International Development Masters and were both focused on understanding how to use business as a tool for social good - exploring what positive role business could play that NGO's and charities can't do. 

They currently have 35 brands listed on their marketplace from UK based Elvis & Kresse, Ruby Moon and Kipepo. 


In this podcast we discuss:

  • The challenge with fast, throw-away fashion and the need for educating the consumer
  • Considering the entire life-cycle of fashion and circular economy models
  • How we can consider the conditions and ethics under which our clothes are made
  • How a road trip inspired the idea for MAMOQ
  • The values and ethos that underpin the MAMOQ brand
  • Learning patience as a key skill for being an entrepreneur
  • The importance of an external support network 
  • Plus, more information about some of the amazing brands on MAMOQ


Find out more about MAMOQ here

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