Amezinim Seji, Niche Hair Lab #26

Amezinim Seji, Niche Hair Lab

Hair extensions is not something I've ever bought, so it's not surprising that I'd never considered whether they were a sustainable or ethical product but research shows it's a billion dollar industry!! So it makes sense for someone to think about it. 

Ame and here friend Timi were the people to ask this question. 

Ame regularly purchased hair extensions, but as a conscious consumer wanted to explore how sustainable her purchases were. And in doing so created the Niche Hair Lab - the first hair extension company to trace its product right back to source and ensure every stage of the process is fair, equitable and sustainable.

Niche Hair Lab manufactures and sells hand-made hair extensions from premium quality human hair.  

In this fascinating podcast we learn:

  • more about the hair extension industry and the things that are maybe not so sustainable and ethical about it
  • the inspiration behind Ame & Timi's idea 
  • how they give back to the communities in Ukraine where they source the hair from 
  • the importance of spending time to lay the right foundations for the business
  • being co-founders and how working together means you can draw on each others expertise
  • how to challenge the industry you become part of to think differently about manufacture of hair extensions. 

Hair Niche Lab


Find out more about Niche Hair Lab here

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