Lindsey McCoy, Plaine Products #21

Lindsey McCoy lived in the Bahamas for 10 years delivering environmental education work before setting up Plaine Products: "On a small island there’s no infrastructure to insulate you from the piles of plastic we are creating. You see plastic bags, bottles and flip flops on the beaches, in the water, spilling out of the landfills, along the side of the road. There’s even a place so full of plastic its called Junk Beach."

After trying to reduce her own use of plastic, Lindsey came up with the idea of refillable shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles made from aluminium, which customers could return once they had used the product. If the customer wants more of the product a new dispenser is sent and the used one is returned to washed and refilled. So nothing is ever thrown away. 

Plaine Products is one of those amazing companies challenging the status quo of business and disposable consumerism. 

In this weeks podcast we talk about how the concept of 'throw away' is unhelpful because nothing leaves the earth; just using online marketing and bloggers to promote your brand and products; and the challenge of being the first in your field and paving a new way for business to operate. 

Listen to learn more about Plaine Products. 


Find out more about Plaine Products here. 

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