Solene Pignet

A slightly different social entrepreneur this week, one who's business is all about supporting other people set up impactful social enterprises and projects all over the world. Solene Pignet, is French but lives in Turkey and travels when she wants to, whilst running her online social enterprise - Creators for Good. 

Solene talks about how alternative entrepreneurs need alternative strategies to running their business. 

She's created an approach both for herself and her clients which includes:

  • Personal Development
  • Lean startup
  • Human-centered design
  • Authentic marketing
  • Collaborative “flat” organization
Solene Pignet

She encourages us, as entrepreneurs, to stop focusing on the 'idea' and give more time to what our commercialisation strategy is. Hear more in her podcast below. 



Find out more about Creators for Good here


Solene also talked about her collaboration with Danielle Carruthers - The Changemakers Association. Find out more about that here