Baillie Aaron, Spark Inside #10

Spark Inside provides coaching to young offenders, aged 15-25 in prisons and young offenders institutions in the South East.

CEO & Founder, Baillie Aaron set up the organisation 5 years ago following a university lecture where she learned about the challenges ex-offenders face in finding a job when they leave prison. 

In that time she's grown her team to 30, and share's her experience of trusting your intuition, the power of coaching, and the importance of creating evaluation which suits your organisation's purpose and ethos. 

£15 billion of taxpayers money is spent on the prison system in the UK each year.

Prisons should be
places of rehabilitation.

However, they don’t help young people
move on from crime.

75% will reoffend within
two years of release.

Find out more about Spark Inside here

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