Dr Pragya Agarwal, The Art Tiffin #31

Pragya Agarwal, The Art Tiffin

The Art Tiffin is a cruelty free, vegan, art subscription box - its one of a kind. Each month the box includes different art materials and a creative task for people to try. Pragya was inspired by her own journey of finding just 10 minutes a day to being mindful and creative. She found it helped with her own anxiety and waned to share this with others.

She is also passionate about ensuring everything she sells is ethical and ecologically conscious. For Pragya this meant cruelty free and vegan art materials, but also ecologically friendly.

The Art Tiffin donates a proportion of it's profits to mental health charities. 

In this podcast we discussed:

  • The ecological challenges of art materials and how the Art Tiffin operates differently
  • Pragya's passion for supporting creativity within children  and her new project to fulfil this
  • The social impact benefits of the Art Tiffin
  • The importance of 'doing as much good as possible'
  • The wider activities Pragya is involved in to support other creative entrepreneurs
  • The challenges Pragya encountered when she got started as a social entrepreneur

Find out more about the Art Tifffin here 


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