Claire Lyons, The Frugal Family #25

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Claire Lyons started her business as a blog, about her 'family project' to consider how they were spending their money and how they reduce the amount of 'stuff' in their home. After baby number four Claire and her husband re-focused on what was important to them as a family, re-connected with their values and began thinking about how they could live more frugally and sustainably.

The blog was just a way to record what they did, but Claire quickly realised people were very interested in what they were doing and the lessons they were sharing. The Frugal Family developed from there.

Claire has found an ideal niche for her business in families who are on a budget but are conscious of their environmental impact. She explains how there is a lot out there for families who want to live on a budget and reduce their costs and there's a whole load of other information about how to live more sustainably but there wasn't much about how you could do these two things together....whilst not aspiring to live off the land in a mud hut you created by hand! 

There are loads of useful nuggets of advice in this podcast from Claire, not least how to involve little ones!

On this podcast:

  • Developing a family project and blog in to a business
  • Reconnecting with your priorities and learning to live your values again as a family 
  • Finding a place to work which is your 'sanctuary', for Claire this is her shed
  • Ideas for how to live more sustainably and save the planet, for under a fiver or at home
  • How to engage your children in simple actions that have a big impact
  • And what's round the corner for The Frugal Family, including workshops, e-courses and school assemblies

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Find out more about The Frugal Family here.

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