Mandeep Kaur, Tribes for Good #35

Mandeep Kaur, Tribes for Good

With her international team Mandeep started Tribes for Good after recognising there weren't any programmes for people who wanted to work in social enterprises.

There were lots of leadership programmes, fellowships and development opportunities for founders and leaders of social enterprises (or people who wanted to start something) but what about those people who wanted to learn about what it was like to work for, and in, a social enterprise, bringing their expertise and skills to the table not as a Founder or CEO but as an employee. 

Tribes for Good was created for them. Twenty-somethings, who have a degree and want to transition from corporate to jobs to social enterprises, not for profits or charities. 

After exploring herself how she could learn about social entrepreneurship and how she could transition to the sector, Mandeep developed a lot of knowledge and started getting asked questions by other people - about how they could go about it too. 

She realised there was a big gap in helping people gain knowledge about the sector and then transition to work in the sector, if they chose to do so. 

The Tribes for Good programme does exactly that, it helps people identify what they're really passionate about and what skills they have which will be a useful contribution to the area in which they want to work.

Their programmes are designed to be short-term and a bridge to starting a career in the social enterprise space. They have 3, 5 and 7 day programmes, which follow a similar format:

- first each participant spends time with an international leadership coach to help them discover their unique role as a changemaker, including who they are, what their skill-sets are and how they can apply their skills to make the world better. 

- second, they spend time in training with social entrepreneurs and changemakers from India learning about the sector through the lens of three sustainable development goals. 

- thirdly, they are taken on field immersions where they visit the leaders of Social Enterprises and not for profit organisations, as well as interact with beneficiaries and stakeholders. During this they have a case study which they use to consider how they would respond to the particular challenge or problem the organisation is tackling. 

On the final day they take time to reflect on what they'r learn and how they can take action to becoming a change-maker in their own career. After a month they are called by the Tribes for Good team to check-in on their progress. 

Mandeep's long term vision is to have a network of Changemakers who have been through a Tribes for Good programme all around the world. In the short-term they'd also like to train and employ local people in India to lead the programmes as guides.

Hear more about Mandeep, Tribes for Good and their ambitious plans here:

In this podcast we cover:

  • The importance of supporting people to be employees in social enterprises and not just founders and CEO's
  • What creating a Tribe for Good involves
  • Details about the 3, 5 and 7 day programmes in India
  • How to use principles from the corporate sector to acquire new customers in your social enterprise
  • The importance of growing the right team 
  • PR and partnerships for promoting your social enterprise
  • Key trends in India and the social enterprise sector 

Find out more about Tribes for Good and how you can get involved in one of their programmes here

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