Sophie Roberts, West Plum Studio #34

Sophie Roberts, West Plum Studio

Surface Pattern Design - what's that you ask? That's exactly what I had to ask Sophie Roberts when I first spoke to her. I loved her designs but I had never heard of this approach and  actually thought she said "Service Patent Design" and so had to ask her three times to say it again and explain it!

In this weeks podcast she explains all along with some great insights about the first two years in business and the eco-friendly ethos she brings to it.

Sophie considers everything, printing, materials, sourcing, suppliers and waste but with a pragmatic approach - You can't always find what you're looking for so you have to go for the next best things....change happens incrementally

Inspired by nature, architecture and other cultures Sophie creates surface pattern designs with triangles - she's a little obsessed with them. But they do make fantastic geometric designs. She adds these designs to cards and in her latest venture to organic fabric. 

Moving on from cards and prints Sophie is now creating unique print fabrics which are being used by a designer for post-natal and children's dresses. These were recently showcased at York Fashion Week and she now looking to expand the business by providing more printed fabric to designers. 

Listen here to find our more about Sophie and her amazing designs at West Plum Studio: 

What we discussed in this podcast:

  • How you build your ethical and sustainable values in to your business when you're a designer
  • Having pragmatism in your ethical business
  • What surface pattern design is 
  • How to collaborate and grow your brand with other like minded businesses
  • Managing your own ridiculously high standards and developing your mindset
  • How to manage your time on Facebook so you can actually get work done :)

Find out more about Sophie and West Plum Studio here

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