Make Money whilst Doing Good

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5 day challenge.png

Make Money whilst Doing Good


The 5 week Bootcamp for Purpose-Driven Business Owners not yet paying themselves for the hours they work.

Discover how to generate enough profit to cover your bills and pay yourself what you’re worth.

I believe you deserve to be paid for the good you’re doing in the world. And I absolutely know it’s possible to generate an income from your purpose-driven business.

In this 5 day challenge I show you how to:

  • overcome the blocks you have to attracting INCOME to your business

  • calculate exactly what you need each month to BREAK-EVEN

  • work out how much monthly PROFIT will give you reassurance and a comfortable cash-flow for sustainability (or growth)

  • set stretching but achievable income GOALS, that excite and energise you

  • decide on PRICES that align to your income strategy and never undersell or overwork again

  • create a plan for SUCCESS

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You've created your purpose-driven business, social enterprise or ethical store but things aren't going quite as you planned. 

You dreamed of a life on your terms where you pursued your passion and created things for good, whilst generating an income. You make a difference through your products or services, and you love what you do, but there's one thing that's not quite sorted - you're not making enough money! 

And without enough turnover you worry about how long you can sustain not being paid. 

This is the bootcamp for you, if you're:

  • struggling to pay your bills each month 

  • working ALL the hours but not even paying yourself the minimum wage

  • making some money but paying it all out on new stock, expenses or sub-contractors

  • paying out more than you're generating (making a loss each month)

  • not yet breaking even!

  • Have no idea what you're doing wrong or how you'll ever make enough!

So many entrepreneurs say they don't expect a profit for three years! For solopreneurs, creatives and social entrepreneurs doing good in the world, I think this is crazy!! As a social entrepreneur I've never earnt less than the minimum wage, and now as a purpose-driven business owner I've paid myself from day one of going full-time. It is possible and you can do it too. 

I now help others, just like you, get serious about their pricing, money mindset, income strategy and focused on creating a sustainable business. 

This course is not about making mega-bucks in a month, but it will shift the way you think about money and how you run your business.

My aim is to help you both break-even and pay yourself at least the living wage (in the UK this is £8.75/hour, or £10.50/hour in London). 

BUT...if you're already there this course will help you set your next stretching income goal, re-evaluate your prices and get serious about what you're worth in a community that knows exactly why you're balancing doing good with making a profit. 

How does it work?

Once you sign up you will be sent your Bootcamp Welcome Workbook and invited to join the Exclusive Bootcamp Facebook Group - this is where the magic happens. 

You will also get access to:

  • 5 video tutorials with me

  • Resources and Worksheets you need to support you through the Bootcamp

  • This includes step by step video guides on how to use my template spreadsheets for budgeting our personal and business finances

  • Direct access to ask me your questions and get my top tips

  • A community for networking, collaboration and accountability

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Why am I the best person to help you reach your income goals?

Jen and I celebrating our social enterprise success

Jen and I celebrating our social enterprise success

Hi, I'm Kat, an Impact Strategist & Business Coach who helps female social entrepreneurs attract more customers and income so they can deliver more social & environmental impact in the world.

I've spent my whole career (since 2006) working in the third sector and education sector, successfully generating income through grant funding for the projects I worked on.

Five years ago I became a social entrepreneur and everything changed. I realised the freedom of earning your own income through trading and with my best friend grew our social enterprise from £14k/year annual turnover to £100k/year in just 18 months - the vast majority of which came from trading income (selling services to corporates).

I now help other social entrepreneurs, purpose-driven business owners and ethical stores - just like YOU - measure & communicate their impact better so they can attract their target customer and generate more income.  

But I realised there are many entrepreneurs not even breaking-even and this gets me mad, because it is absolutely possible with the right strategies and focus - which is exactly what I share in this bootcamp. 

So jump in and let's get you generating a profit. 

What others say about how I work...

"I joined the Bootcamp because I was working really hard but not reaping any benefits. I was hoping that the Bootcamp would help me work out what was holding me back and preventing my business from blossoming. Through the Bootcamp, I learnt that I don't like selling what I do, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. But I've also learnt that earning money is okay, and that I need to, so I can help more people. In our 1:1 call [part of the Bootcamp], Kat got to the bottom of my problem really fast and helped me see a solution in the first 10 minutes. Now I can see that I need to target different types of people, in different ways – and I have started working on that straight away. I’ve discovered my niche and how to communicate to my customers differently. It is fun and stress free working with Kat. I didn't feel pressured at all. My attitude has changed whilst working with Kat and I feel more positive that I can make more money out of less-stuff and keep running it". Lisa Cole, Less-Stuff

Be The Difference VA


"From just one call [with Kat] I’ve set a new pricing structure that will give me more choice in my life and business. I’ve learnt to recognise my own skills and expertise. I’ve gained confidence in my own self-worth and moved away from the fear. I have seen Kat in action in various settings and have seen how effective she is in terms of her approach and clear-headed thinking. Kat challenged me and held me accountable to ensure that I got to where I wanted to be. I particularly liked Kat's point of view that once I'm earning enough, I'll be able to give back to clients on a pro-bono basis which I’d really love to do." Annie Moon, Be the Difference VA

Julia Lynch, The Global Girl Project


"What I love so much about working with Kat is that she is 100% committed to making your social enterprise a success and she will go above the call of duty to support you in your quest to create a greater social impact." Julia Lynch , Founder of Global Girl Project

Jen Gale, The Ethical Coach




"I didn't know how to craft my sales pages so that it was a no-brainer for people to buy from me. [Now] I know exactly what I need to include and am re-writing my sales pages to make them more compelling. I also feel far more confident about the value of what I am offering." Jen Gale, The Ethical Coach


Hope + Story


"Kat doesn’t make me guess, try to work things out for myself or just agree with everything I say. Instead she uses her incredible knowledge of the social enterprise landscape to give me practical advice, ideas, solutions and actions to follow up on. She is an Encyclopaedia" Susanna Kelly, Founder at Hope + Story