Done waiting for your social enterprise to thrive and fulfil its potential?

Want more customers, income and influence?

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Everything you want in your business (and life) is possible!



Your chance to finally start attracting more customers and income, so you can implement the impact you dream of!


How would it feel to:

  • increase your presence and influence
  • achieve your monthly income goals 
  • free up your valuable time to think creatively about how to develop your business next
  • no longer stress about cash-flow and reduce your reliance on grants
  • grow a loyal community who understands and loves your brand
  • have a consistent flow of customers aligned to your vision, who are eager to buy your products or services
  • measure and communicate your impact with simple tools and techniques
  • get what you need to scale your business 
  • be confident all your communications have a purpose
  • quit second guessing yourself and run your business with ease
  • put energy in to your business in a way you know will pay off
  • live abundantly, aligned to your personal values and beliefs
  • connect with other like-minded women who, like you, are up to big things
  • Stop wishing and hoping, and start getting the results you dream of

Ready to attract more customers and create financial freedom in your business?

 This is all possible with the Impact Academy.


What’s included?

As part of the Impact Academy you get access to all of the following:

  • Direct email access to me, for the first three months to ask your questions at any time


  • Connect with an incredible group of social entrepreneurs who are dreaming big, just like you, in a private Facebook group, where you can share your story, your struggles, and your wins with others who are on your side


  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • Ten unique Modules outlining the exact strategies I’ve successfully used as a social entrepreneur to increase income (see more below)
  • Each module includes downloadable workbooks, video training and technical system tutorials to guide you each step of the way

  • Bonus Modules from guest experts (see details below)

  • Access to checklistscheat-sheets, guides and the Impact Academy reading list - not to be missed!

  • Live group webinar each month with me to celebrate success, share experiences and work through your challenges 


All of the above is included in the self-study group programme. 

In the 1:1 programme with me you also get:

  • Six hours worth of 1:1 calls with me (over three months) where we'll work together on implementing the changes you need in your business
  • A full review of your existing communications and suggestions for improvement
  • A communications plan, written specifically for you
  • Email and telephone access (at agreed times) to ask your questions whenever you need extra support  
  • Weekly check-ins to keep you on track and accountable (via email)


What's covered in the modules?

10 modules to help you attract MORE CUSTOMERS and INCREASE your IMPACT:

Bonus modules include:


What's the investment?

Sign up for the group programme starting 1st October and get access to everything for just


(or three monthly payments of £169)

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Get 1:1 support from me, starting today, including six hours on the phone for just         


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Making Money In Your Business Doesn't Have To Be A Constant Struggle

This programme has been designed with you in mind.

It includes all the tools, resources and support you need to hit your goals quickly. 

There's no reason to delay your success by going at this alone. The support you deserve is available to you right now!

If you are craving more, it's because you were meant for more.

Don't second guess yourself. You’re here to do amazing things, and everything is possible for you. 

You won't find anything like this anywhere else.

Here's what I want you to know

1. Your vision is too important for it not to be realised

If you believe this then you haven't got time to waste. Now is the only time for action. I'll help you stay focused, and overcome the day-to-day distractions of you achieving your goals. We'll also focus on how we share your vision with others, so they know exactly what journey you're asking them to go on with you.  

2. You are worth the investment

You are the best person to lead your organisation, and you are worth investing in, as is your business.

There's no shame in asking for help, in fact all the best leaders do. "Someday" will not get you to where you need to be now in your business. You might never find that 'extra time' to get this done, if you say "someday". So make it today that you take radical action to achieve your dreams. I'll be there every step of the way.  

3. Imagine the difference it will make


When we focus on our dreams and imagine them as if they were real, they have a strange way of becoming reality.

So imagine what it will feel like to....

  • have a consistent flow of customers aligned to your vision, who are eager to buy your products or services
  • have a loyal community who understands and loves your business
  • have potential customers, partners, donors or funders contact you for more information about products and services, rather than the other way around
  • consistently achieve your monthly income goals
  • free up your valuable time to think creatively about your business
  • no longer stress out about cash-flow
  • reduce your reliance on grants
  • get what you need to scale your business or deepen your impact
  • quit second guessing yourself and run your business with ease
  • put energy in to your business in a way you know will pay off



Stop wishing and hoping, and start getting the results you dream of!

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