What my clients say about working with me

Solene Pignet Creators for Good

“Not only did Kat give me clarity on what I should report on (and how), she also gave me the confidence I needed to "get it done" in a short amount of time. Once you know where you are going and have the reassurance that you're on the right track, it's just so much easier to move forward without second guessing every step!

I had the ambition to create an impact report for my business's 5 year anniversary but it felt like a complicated project. I was struggling with so many ideas, wondering what was relevant and what was not. I was looking for clarity and also some approval, I guess. I wanted to do a good job, but since it's not a task I am used to it felt like it could take a lot of time if I tried to do it all on my own.

I loved that Kat’s process of getting on a call was super simple. I applied for the call, got a time slot right away, had our session and received the follow up email within a day. Simple and efficient, which encouraged me to tackle my impact report in a simple and efficient way as well! 

To those considering working with Kat, I would say that it is a great investment: it will make you save time (and potential self-doubt-induced-headaches), as well as give you the clarity and confidence you need to get your impact measurement done.”

Solene Pignet, Founder of Creators for Good (Turkey)

Beth Pilgrim SupplyChange

“Your support with impact measurement, on the 30 minute strategy call, was really helpful and as a result we have developed our theory of change which has helped us to define what impact measurement data we need to be capturing from the supply change platform." Beth Pilgrim, co-Founder of Supply Change (UK)

Marion Ellis

“Working with Kat has taken my career and campaign in a direction far and above what I thought might be. I started off playing small and wanting to share stories and information on the quiet. She encouraged me to be visible when I didn’t know how to be. It has made the world of difference not just to me but to the women I have sought to help and support.

I have been asked to speak publicly about my work in industry press and also representing my regulatory body on industry panels. My work has been recognised and I couldn’t have done that without Kat’s drive and encouragement to think big. I highly recommend working with her if you want to make a difference but don't know where to start.”

Marion Ellis, Chartered Surveyor, Mentor & Inspirational Speaker (UK)

Rachel Cumberland Dodd

"I’ was at the early stage of business when I met Kat at a conference and was still trying to find out what I could offer and to who.  Meeting her was like an adrenalin shot, I could see what my business could become. I knew I had to learn from her.

The best thing is the accountability Kat provides; goals are set or challenges laid down after each session and I couldn’t wait to get started and make progress on them. I ended each call feeling energised and with a clear plan of action!  Great for someone like me who tries to do everything at once!

I used to stumble over my words or be too fluffy when asked about my business. I couldn’t articulate it very well and frankly was a little embarrassed about talking about the impact I want to make in the world. Through exploring this with Kat I’m much more confident, focused and sure of myself now. My dream doesn’t feel silly or unachievable and I’m super proud of myself for stepping up and trying to create a different life for myself and my family. After 6+ months talking about the business, signing up for courses, offering free advice and frankly playing at being a business owner I’m about to go pro. With Kat’s help I’m about to launch my first offer, website and social media channels. It feels scary, but so good!

Rachael Cumberland-Dodd, Founder of Feed Marketing (Guernsey, UK)

Kathryn Gray (1).png



"The three coaching sessions I had with Kat were enormously helpful and inspiring in addressing my key challenges, ideas and priorities. She is so proactive and clear with the support and suggestions offered, and knowledgeable and passionate in the work she does. I look forward to future opportunities to work and collaborate with Kat again"

Kathryn Gray, Founder of Enabling Enterprise (Australia)


Before working with Kat, I was feeling that my hands were tied by my own expectations of low pricing and what I was able to earn – how would I actually make the business profitable? I constantly heard from others that the travel industry works on such low margins they'll never pay for the services I offered and I started to believe this.

I chose to work with Kat because I felt like she was the only person that understood what I wanted to achieve - which was to make a positive difference whilst making money.  I got to a point where I was really frustrated with so many people feeling that sustainability advice should be given for free. I wasn’t willing to accept that.

Kat helped me understand the value that I and TWP brings to hotels.  Kat helped me to look at pricing differently and to understand how to lead with value first, that's when I realised how ridiculously cheap I was being.  Just some simple exercises like made me feel completely different about my own product, it made me feel proud to stand up and say 'this is what it is worth' and 'no, you're not having it for less'. 

I've now been able to refine my pitch and simplify my pricing. Helping me earn €17k rather than €4k for one potential sale. Kat has also helped me to prioritise and to focus on what matters.  Using her spreadsheet to predict income helped me to see who my target audience needs to be so that I can make the most effective use of my time.  Now, I can actually work with people and make a decent income which would never have happened if I'd stuck to my old pricing and approach.

The best part or working with Kat is the amount of support and input you get from her, I didn't realise how much extra I got in addition to the calls.  I had no idea she'd help me out with tech, research, be on hand for questions. I honestly thought I was signing up just for the coaching calls and thought that was good value but she’s more than exceeded my expectations.

I've also seen a difference in me, how I feel about getting up to work on the business every day, how I feel in myself.  I've already started taking time to go to the gym in the mornings and get healthy again. Healthy, happy me = healthy, happy business. "  

Jo Hendrickx, Co-Founder of Travel Without Plastic (Gran Canaria, Spain)

Hope +  Story

"Since starting with Kat as my coach, I have achieved so much - I have made more progress in 3 weeks than I have in the past 18 months. I am focused, I take action, I have a strong and purposeful direction of travel and I feel so supported in everything I do. Being accountable to someone who has such a profound understanding of her trade has made this experience with Kat one that goes beyond appreciation. She has restored my passion, motivation and determination to achieve the vision I have for my social enterprise.

Kat doesn’t make me guess, try to work things out for myself or just agree with everything I say. Instead she uses her incredible knowledge of the social enterprise landscape to give me practical advice, ideas, solutions and actions to follow up on. She is an Encyclopaedia! She also has patience and connects me to clients and contacts who she feels would be beneficial to me. She understands my limitations and steps in to push them aside so I can progress - even completing forms for me.

And if all that’s not enough, she shares my vision and excitement at seeing it come together."

Susanna Hancock, Founder of Hope + Story (UK)

Copy of Shaniqua (6).png

"In all honesty it's been a massive confidence boost! I’ve now got the confidence to keep pushing forwards, developing and growing the business. Before [speaking with Kat] I was struggling with how to communicate my message to my audience. I know what I stand for as a business and what is important to me, but I was struggling to work out how to share that effectively in a way that connected with customers. Kat has helped me massively to see 'the wood for the trees' and pull together my brand beliefs into something I can share with my audience. I understand now what problem I'm solving for customers which was something I really struggled to pin down before. She’s also given me the confidence to pursue some of the ideas I've had for developing the business and also suggested things I would never have considered doing."

Sophie Roberts, Founder of West Plum Studio (UK)

Annie Moon Be The Difference VA

"From just one coaching call I’ve set a new pricing structure that will give me more choice in my life and business. I’ve learnt to recognise my own skills and expertise. I’ve gained confidence in my own self-worth and moved away from the fear. I have seen Kat in action in various settings and have seen how effective she is in terms of her approach and clear-headed thinking. Kat challenged me and held me accountable to ensure that I got to where I wanted to be.

I particularly liked Kat's point of view that once I'm earning enough, I'll be able to give back to clients on a pro-bono basis which I’d really love to do.

Following the call, Kat provided really useful tips for the extra value I can bring to all my offers. She’s helped me recognise how to communicate it too! "

Annie Moon, Owner of Be The Difference VA


"I joined the Bootcamp because I was working really hard but not reaping any benefits. I was hoping that the Bootcamp would help me work out what was holding me back and preventing my business from blossoming. Through the Bootcamp, I learnt that I don't like selling what I do, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. But I've also learnt that earning money is okay, and that I need to, so I can help more people. In our 1:1 call [part of the Bootcamp], Kat got to the bottom of my problem really fast and helped me see a solution in the first 10 minutes. Now I can see that I need to target different types of people, in different ways – and I have started working on that straight away. I’ve discovered my niche and how to communicate to my customers differently. It is fun and stress free working with Kat. I didn't feel pressured at all. My attitude has changed whilst working with Kat and I feel more positive that I can make more money out of less-stuff and keep running it".

Lisa Cole, Owner of Less-Stuff (UK)

Why did I decide to work with Kat? Instinct, and I don’t regret it.
Before I worked with Kat, I wasn’t sure about my marketing strategy and I needed help to prepare for a presentation I was giving to a potential funder. Kat helped by giving me feedback on my new Cooperative and my marketing strategy and gave me confidence, that I was not so bad after all. I liked her ability to listen and understand where I stood.
I was able to go my first face-to-face meeting with a large funder without any doubts about why I wanted to launch my Cooperative, and I convinced them, securing marketing and legal support plus access to funding.
— Veronique Thirot-Lafond, Founder of The Cleaning Group LLC (a cooperative)

"Before I started working with Kat I didn't know how to craft my sales pages so that it was a no-brainer for people to buy from me. After just three weeks I know exactly what I need to include and am re-writing my sales pages to make them more compelling. 

I also feel far more confident about the value of what I am offering. 

I loved working with Kat because she was easy to talk to and understood the specific challenges I face with running an ethical business."

Jen Gale, The Ethical Coach at www.jengale.co.uk (UK)

Jen Gale Testimonial about Share Impact

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"I loved working with Kat! I gained so much value and confidence... I had a real breakthrough in working out my vision for my business. Kat listened to me and helped me work towards some real and achievable targets!

I'd definitely work with Kat again she's awesome."

Rupy Kaur, Founder of You Own It - One Wellness Network (UK)

"Kat has been incredibly supportive.  She provided me with valuable information to help me in the development of my organisation, as well as brilliant advice for my crowdfunding campaign.

Kat has provided me with a clearer [perspective] on certain things and shown great knowledge in the area of social enterprises, which a novice like me desperately needs.  It also helps that she’s encouraging, kind and easy to approach".

Shaniqua Benjamin, Founder at Young People Insight (UK)


"From the moment that I reached out to Kat, I felt that she was genuinely interested in making that connection and discovering how we could work together. I have benefited from one-on-one sessions, that have given me the practical tools which I was so eagerly searching.

What I love so much about working with Kat is that she is 100% committed to making your social enterprise a success and she will go above the call of duty to support you in your quest to create a greater social impact. Kat’s follow through is impeccable, her excitement about her work is obvious, and her passion towards helping others to make a larger difference through their work, is palpable".

Julia Lynch, Founder of Global Girl Project (UK)


Reflections from attendees at my 'Harness the power of your social impact' Training:

It definitely suited my approach to learning. There were lots of opportunities to self-reflect and then discuss with others. The resources were very easy to use and it will be really useful for future business planning. The course really helped me re-define our focus, why and what is most important. This course is worth so much more than I paid. Having now been on the course if you charged £400 I can see how we would easily recover this fee within a few months from applying what we learnt.

Jo Clay, Director at Empower – Be the change (Wales, UK)


“The combination of mentoring and coaching was great for me, and the delivery with a mixture of visual aids, group and individual exercises and simply talking things through as a group really helped me. The Workbook was great - just enough to be really useful but not overwhelming or time wasting. I will be using the templates in the future for sure! It was helpful for me to understand that I need to pitch to several different stakeholders in very different ways rather than my usual approach of ‘one size fits all’ and trying to force people to buy in to it! I also found it useful to break down what exactly needed to be achieved first, who I would need to connect with to do this, and how they would like to be approached. I really found all of it incredibly valuable! More content was covered than I was expecting in just one day. I feel that the value-added to an organisation like mine is great, people won’t realise how much they need it until they have been on it! But the content is definitely worth every penny spent.”
— Jane Bellis, Founder of Art & Soul Tribe
“My style of learning is sharing experiences and ideas with others on the workshop. Kat gave us plenty of opportunities to ‘talk things over’ with the group, which absolutely met my needs. Her approach was interactive and relaxed, allowing me to engage with her and other delegates while exploring the content of the course. The resources were plentiful and reader friendly. The handouts were great for prompting me when asked to write examples and answers to specific questions. I think the course adds great value, equipping people with the knowledge and skills to run a successful social enterprise. After attending the course and realising the value I would pay more - It has to be worth at least £300! It’s all about the knowledge and the know how...Kat shared so much knowledge and support, it was priceless!”
“I had a real light bulb moment! The realisation that I don’t describe the why of what I do, just the what and how. I found the practical tasks of working through the example of one stakeholder extremely useful. The course was very clear, and there was lots of interaction and variety”