Are you a Changemaker struggling to get everything done?

Is your website still half finished?

Are you struggling to create an email sequence that builds connection with your audience?

Do you still have 500 feedback forms which need inputting and analysing before you can even think about writing that report?

Changemaker VA

Getting everything done on your own, as a Changemaker is tough, I know I've been there myself. You want to learn everything and do it all yourself, but you suddenly realise you're at capacity and your not moving forward with anything because your stretched in a hundred different directions.  Your trying to create content for Facebook, respond to messages on LinkedIn, learn about ClickFunnels, generate income, understand what messaging works for your audience, capture and use data to evaluate your success or show others what you can do.... and it goes on. There's always something. But what's your zone of genius, where can you make most difference in your business? Everything else you should outsource, because your time costs money and it's a lot quicker to get an expert in for a short amount of time so you can move your business forward and grow. 

We can't be expert at everything and sometimes when we've reached capacity we need to bring in someone else to help us along. 

It's little things that you don't want to employ someone for, but you're not sure where to go to get the right skills? And its important that you find someone who gets what it is you do. 


You're not the only one, research shows Changemakers (social entrepreneurs, ethical business owners, etc) struggle to find the right skills and the right people with the values that align to their organisations. 

We've experienced this too but knew there was a solution. 

We have brought together 28 expert VA's who are passionate about supporting Changemakers so we can bridge the gap. Our VA's are all entrepreneurs themselves and are committed to helping you achieve success in your social mission too. 


Our VA's can provide expert support in the following expert areas:

  • Social media management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • Social media content creation / automation
  • Branding 
  • Website development (in WordPress, Wix or Squarespace)
  • Website management
  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • Emails sequences, landing pages or sales funnels (Click Funnels, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, LeadPages)
  • Blog / Podcast management & posting 
  • Audio / Video editing 
  • Webinar set-up or support 
  • Press Releases
  • Grant funding searches & writing grant applications 
  • Crowdfunding
  • Online / Desk Research
  • Data Input and analysis
  • Survey design, management & analysis
  • Audio-typing / Transcribing 
  • Proof-reading

Each of our VA's has there own niche expertise and we'll only match you with the best for your organisation. 

If you'd like to discuss how we could support you then please message me here with the details of your request.