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Live Group Programme

Lead with purpose, increase your profile and communicate your impact with ease

Your sales have stalled, your leads are non-existent and you're confused about what to post when?

Let's fix that.

In just 10 weeks you'll learn how to communicate your vision, impact and value to customers across all platforms. And then how to automate it so you can focus your time on your zone of genius. 

Next programme starts 18th March 2019.

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One-to-One Mentorship

Know your worth, lead with your impact and stop worrying about how you'll pay this months bills

My 8 week one-to-one mentorship gives you all the tips and techniques to communicate with confidence and attract the income you need for financial freedom and sustainability. 

Become the leader you dream of being and grow your social enterprise to deliver the impact you envision.

Limited spaces available for February

Not sure where to start?

Jump on a call with me to see how I can best support you and your social enterprise.

In just 30 minutes we'll create a clear action plan for success: thinking about how to measure and communicate your social impact so you can attract new customers and income. 

This is a no-obligation, free call. 

Have a virtual coffee with Kat Luckock, Share Impact

Measure your Social Impact
Measure your Social Impact
Measure your social impact
Measure your social impact

For coaches and consultants working with social enterprises, ethical or heart-centred brands

Mentorship for coaches and consultants.png

Mentorship for Coaches & Consultants

Copy & Paste my tried and tested techniques for attracting hot leads and paying clients

In my 4 week intensive I teach you everything I've learnt and used to grow my own coaching business with social entrepreneurs and ethical business owners. 

Copy, paste and tweak all my processes that brings me leads every day and dream clients who inspire!

2 spaces available each month


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