Part 2: The 15 social / eco brands that are changing the world & their impact data

This is the second of our guest blog series, where I’m inviting bloggers and social entrepreneurs to share their opinions, knowledge and expertise on the world of social impact measurement and communications in the social enterprise sector.

This weeks guest blog is part 2 from Maxime Ducker of Our Good Brands. If you missed it read part 1 here.

The impact of the brand Thankyou

Thankyou is a social enterprise that works towards ending global poverty. It all started with a simple idea: what if purchasing everyday items that could provide life-changing solutions for the millions of people who live in poverty?

And so they developed a range of products such as water, cereals, body care and now also baby products. If I have to be honest, I don’t like that their products use plastic so much plastic packaging, but when it comes to the social impact here is the massive contribution (data early 2018):


Find out more information on how Thankyou contributes to the different causes here.

The impact of the brand TOMS

We all know TOMS. It was the pioneering brand for the One for One business model starting with shoes. Today they have also a range of bags and backpacks, eyewear and coffee. Each collection is allocated for a different cause and I will let you here to check TOMS impact with these infographics:


If you are like me and can’t get enough of this brand, go and check the full story on how TOMS started!

The impact of the brand Refill HQ

This time we come to the UK to find out about Refill, another community-based movement that is putting thousands of water refill stations on the map. With the increase of conscious consumers taking their own refillable water bottles, there was an obvious urgent need to find spots in which we could refill. Again, this is another proof of individual action that has led to a global impact.

Today there are 70 Refill Schemes across the UK, and with the support of businesses, we count with 14,000 water Refill Stations. This is the impact the brand is making for now:

Water Refil Stations Social Impact Report

Hopefully, we see this movement expanding to a global scale very soon. Find more about how you can get involved with this movement and become a water Refill Champions here!

The impact of the brand Wewood

Wewood is another pioneering brand of eco-friendly watches made sustainably out of recycled scrap-wood material. On the other hand, every time we purchase a watch they plant a tree. This is Wewood’s positive impact with forest projects across all over the world:

WeWood Socal Impact Report

The impact of the brand Who Gives a Crap

My absolutely favourite brand that made me get started in the world of social enterprises. Who Gives a Crap is a toilet paper brand that was born to build toilets around the world. But turned out that they would produce it sustainably by using recycled materials instead of cutting fresh trees. By doing so, the brand is also saving a huge amount of water and energy. This is the infographic with data collected a year ago - and I must say Who Gives a Crap has expanded massively (in part because I can’t stop spreading the word LOL!)

Who Gives a Crap Social Impact

Find out more about this tech for good Hireup brand in this full article.


The impact of the brand ONYA

ONYA is another of the brand leaders, this time in the zero-waste world. Their range of reusable shopping, bread or bulk food bags, to water bottles or coffee cups… are all ethically made from recycled materials. The brand itself works under a zero-waste business model and has partnered with other companies to implement initiatives and get more people to build their sustainable habits. The impact is been huge so far (from Australia to now all over the world):

ONYA Social Impact

Learn all you need to know about ONYA the world-leading zero waste brand in this article.


 The impact of the brand Unreasonable

Social entrepreneurs might sound unreasonable. Not only because they have the craziest ideas but also because they want to change the world. They are world savers and dent makers.

Unreasonable was born to help social enterprises are already wielding the most impactful solutions of our time to solve BFPs (meaning Big F***cking Problems) with unusual solutions. Very interesting too, is that the business itself is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. This is been their impact (data 2018):

Unreasonable Social Impact

Find out more about this Unreasonable business here.


Hoping you all found the short version of the stories behind all these good brands and their data of impact interesting.

We tend to think that there aren’t enough good businesses out there. I can tell you now this is one of the most common myths I hear in the eco world; in fact, I get overwhelmed with all the emerging ethical brands. But it’s true that there is so much work to do, to get them mainstream, so that everyone can find them easily. What is for sure, is that I won’t stop until I see all businesses become a force for good!

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