Need help with measuring and communicating your Social Impact?

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Knowing the difference you make in the world and communicating it well helps you:

Attract and retain customers

Secure funding and investment

Build your brand

Set you apart from your competitors

But we know how difficult many organisations find it to measure their own impact.

Whether it be social, environmental or economic we have the expertise to help you navigate through it, understand what indicators demonstrate your impact, what tools to use to measure it and what to do once you’ve collected all that data.

We help you measure and communicate your impact so you can confidently communicate: why you exist, the difference you make and why others should care.


Impact Strategy

I help clients like you create your strategy to deliver the change you want to see in the world aligned to your vision, values and income goals.

Impact Measurement, research & evaluation

I design and implement creative ways to measure your impact and go away and do it for you (if that’s what you need). From small one-off projects to multi-year programmes or your whole business I have the ideas and tools to help you demonstrate your impact.

Communicating your Impact

One of the biggest challenges I see social entrepreneurs face is how to communicate their impact story in a way that attracts customers or builds community. I provide expert support in planning, managing and automating your communications so it delivers you results everyday.

Online Courses

Want to go at your own pace or be part of a group programme? Then my online courses provide the perfect answer to learning what you need to do next to attract customers and clients.

Workshops & Training

Discover how to measure and communicate your impact better with our in-person training courses and workshops with resources tailored to your needs.

Expert Business Mentoring & Coaching

Get tailored 1:1 advice, support and guidance to grow your Social Enterprise or impact business from 1 hour to my 6 week coaching programme.

Want to find out more?

What’s the first step? Jump on a free 30 minute impact call with me to discover how I can best support you measure and communicate your impact to attract more customers & income in your business. Let’s have a virtual coffee

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We work with…

  • Any organisation needing external expertise to undertake their evaluation or impact measurement

  • Social Enterprises who want to grow their business and communicate the impact they deliver better

  • Businesses who want to deliver more impact through their supply chain

  • Business who want to map and understand what impact they’re already delivering

  • Businesses who need help to design & implement a new social / environmental impact programme

  • Funders and investors who want to help their recipients understand and measure impact

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