No more playing small...

It's time to attract customers, make a profit and sustain your Social Enterprise

...because the World needs your inspiring ideas, innovation and Social / Environmental Impact (but you also need to get paid, right?!) 

Kat Luckock, Share Impact, Impact Strategist & Coach


You're in the right place if you're a social entrepreneur delivering amazing change in the world but struggling to gain traction and secure sustainable income.

I’m Kat Luckock, the go-to Impact Strategist & Business Coach for Social Entrepreneurs wanting to align profit with purpose but needing help with income strategy, impact measurement and communications. 


"The difference you make is too important to go unnoticed and your Impact Story matters when it comes to attracting Customers and Investors"


Financial sustainability for your social enterprise should be priority number one! Because without it you can't deliver the essential changes you know are needed in the world. 

Whether you deliver a small community project, sell an ethically sourced product to thousands around the globe or are creating ground-breaking, systemic change you still need funds to achieve your vision. So from £1k to £150k goals, I help you focus on the things in your business that make this a possibility.  

Like you, I don't like the status quo.

I don't like.... that our oceans are filling with plastic; that children and families are displaced from their homes because of conflict; that women and girls are sold and used as slaves; that communities are disconnected; that people die from hunger and malnutrition when there's excessive wealth and food around the world; that we still design and manufacture products for disposal, rather than lifelong re-use; that we destroy our habitats, species and don't value their worth; that we consume as if there's a limitless supply of resources; that people die from preventable diseases, such as malaria and cholera; that we judge and discriminate, rather than value peoples' unique qualities and abilities; that public services are over-stretched and don't meet individuals' needs; AND that many social entrepreneurs believe they will "get by" on goodwill, fresh air and working every hour of the day (and night)!    

I like doing things differently, and being disruptive. 

I believe social entrepreneurship is one amazing way to do this. But I also believe money is not the enemy and you should be paid well for the transformational work that you are dedicated to.

It's my mission to support you and your social enterprise to the next level: To create financial freedom, be more productive with your time and truly achieve your vision for the world.

Why? Because I see too many great ideas never go anywhere. I see dedicated social entrepreneurs with brilliant solutions burning out or giving up because they can't find a way to sustain their business. I see the same old things happening again and again, and I decided enough was enough. I believed there was another way, so I'm making it possible.

I'm creating a different where social enterprises are the norm (where purchases have a net-positive impact on society or the environment), where they have financial freedom to pivot and adapt quickly, where they invest in what's needed to achieve greater impact and where they embed the value of work-life balance in the way that they operate so founders, leaders and employees can live their ideal-life alongside achieving the much-needed vision they have for the world. 

With many years' experience starting and running social enterprises, not-for-profit organisations and third sector programmes, I know how tight things can get when you're operating on a shoestring and the stress that occurs when you're looking for your next income stream. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

You can create a different story. You can secure the income you need. You can attract a community of loyal customers or identify donors who want to invest in you. You can pay yourself what you desire and employ others to build your capacity. 

It won't happen overnight and I'm not offering quick fixes here. But I do have tried and tested approaches to simplifying your business and achieving your vision. 

Wherever it is you want to go with your social enterprise, you can get there...and I would love to help.

What my clients say...

Before I started working with Kat I didn’t know how to craft my sales pages so that it was a no-brainer for people to buy from me. After just three weeks I know exactly what I need to include and am re-writing my sales pages to make them more compelling. I also feel far more confident about the value of what I am offering.

I loved working with Kat because she was easy to talk to and understood the specific challenges I face with running an ethical business.
— Jen Gale, The Ethical Business Coach:
Jen Gale Testimonial about Share Impact
I have benefited from one-on-one sessions, that have given me the practical tools for which I was so eagerly searching.

What I love so much about working with Kat is that she is 100% committed to making your social enterprise a success and she will go above the call of duty to support you in your quest to create a greater social impact. Kat’s follow through is impeccable, her excitement about her work is obvious, and her passion towards helping others to make a larger difference through their work, is palpable.
— Julia Lynch, Founder at Global Girl Project:
Kat has been incredibly supportive...She provided me with valuable information to help me in the development of my organisation, as well as brilliant advice for my crowdfunding campaign in its last few days.

Kat has provided me with a clearer perspective on certain things and shown great knowledge in the area of social enterprises, which a novice like me desperately needs. It also helps that she’s encouraging, kind and easy to approach.
— Shaniqua Benjamin, Founder of Young People Insight:
Shaniqua Benjamin testimonial about Share Impact

You're already achieving amazing social impact but WHAT ELSE DO YOU DREAM OF ACHIEVING with your social enterprise?

Imagine what you could achieve if you had support TODAY to:

  • MEASURE your social impact in a way that makes sense to you, your team, sponsors and customers

  • COMMUNICATE your social impact in a compelling way that connects to customers' values, beliefs and ambitions

  • have beautifully BRANDED and consistent content, copy and social media posts that you're proud to share

  • CONNECT meaningfully with with people and grow a COMMUNITY who talk passionately about your organisation for you 

  • implement and AUTOMATE your communications to save you TIME

  • secure more customers, SALES and INCOME through communicating your unique Impact Story!

Without income you can't sustain or grow your social enterprise. The social impact you create is too important to not be sustained. Sustainability in your business is possible. With a clear income strategy and improving the way you communicate your social impact you will attract more customers, donors or supporters. 

Get the support you need to attract more customers and increase your impact TODAY!



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