Brand Experts I recommend for Social Entrepreneurs

In my Free Cheat Sheet Resource: 10 Things Social Entrepreneurs Should Do To Attract Customers I ask "Is your branding right for your target audience?"

It's so easy to build a website in squarespace, wordpress, wix, shopify or weebly these days that we often don't stop to think what brand will be most attractive to our target audience before jump at a template that we really like and just start adding content. And then 3 months down the line we're asking why is no one clicking on my website, returning or making purchases?

So today I want to recommend some pretty amazing brand experts who I have had the pleasure of knowing and some who I've actually worked with because I know how difficult it is to find the right people who get what you're about and why you do what you do.

And you don't want just anyone helping you develop your brand you want someone who knows what you're about, aligns to your values and has your businesses best interests at heart. 

Each of these brand experts knows or has experience in either the not-for-profit sector, social enterprise sector, heart-centred entrepreneur space or ethical business scene - so they are perfect for you and your business.

Brand Experts I recommend for Social Entrepreneurs

They are...

Jennifer Knowlan at based in Canada in her words " mission is to empower female lightworkers to share their gifts with the world". Now you may not be a female lightworker, I know I'm not (to be honest I had to ask Jenifer what one was) but Jennifer was the brains behind amplifying and unifying my brand and website when I needed a little help to make it look more professional - so she comes personally recommended.

Kelsey Eaton at Shine Publishing based in the States in her words "I'm a Business Coach, Brand Expert and Web Designer for spiritually minded and socially driven women who are launching their online business and want to hit the ground running with a solid and shining online presence".

Sandra Houseman at also from the States and fantastic at creating beautiful brands for business owners.

And if it's your messaging and storytelling you want to perfect on your website I can't recommend anyone more than Kathryn Gray based in Australia she has a fantastic Storytelling Challenge - you must try out - but also provides support in helping your develop your brands story. 

So there they are my four recommendations! 

No go check them out and get your website speaking directly to your target audience. 

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