25 podcasts for Social Entrepreneurs

So in January 2017 I decided to start my own podcast. I barely knew what a podcast was, rarely listened to one and had no idea how to get started but i was in contact with all these amazing female social entrepreneurs and I wanted to bring their voices together and showcase the diversity of the social enterprise space. 

It started with me wanting to showcase social entrepreneurs in Wales (where I live) but it quickly expanded to social entrepreneurs in the rest of the UK and around the world. 

At the time I couldn't find any podcasts with a focus on social entrepreneurship and there didn't seem to be any on just sharing women's stories, so it seemed like a great place to start. 

It wasn't until very recently where I saw a post in a Facebook group asking for podcast suggestions for social entrepreneurs that I realised there were so many. I should say thank you to everyone who commented on that post because you inadvertently helped me create this blog. 

Now I have to admit I haven't listened to all these podcasts (I've starred the ones I have) but I figured it was too important not to share this incredibly varied list with you all. I will definitely be working my way through the list and highlighting which are my favourites in future blogs. 

Podcasts for Social Entrepreneurs

1. Bonfires of Social Enterprise, Romy Kochan

2. Business with Purpose, Molly Stilman

3. Change Creator Magazine and podcast, Adam Force

4. Doing Good Better Podcast, Amra Nadoo

5. Fashion Revolution, Carry Somers

6. Finding Impact, Andy Narracott

7. Impact Alpha, David Banks 

8. Impact Boom, Tom Allen*

9. Innov8Social, Neetal Parekh

10. Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs, Fergal Byrne

11. Social Change Nation, Joshua Schukman

12. Leading Good Podcast, Rod Arnold

13. More Than Money, Dawn Carpenter

14. One Billion

15. SproutCast, Julia Duffey

16. Stanford Social Innovation Review, Jennifer Morgan

17. The Good Journey Pod, Brady Josephson

18. Wardrobe Crisis, Clare Press - Making Fashion Circular

19.  Conscious Chatter - Where what we wear matters

20. Changemaker, Jackie Bierderman

21. Business Activist, Brandon Neely

22. Social Entrepreneur, Tony Lloyd

23. Making Good Podcast, Jen Gale* - One of my absolute favourites for my daily walks, not just about social enterprise but tips for running your own sustainability / ethical business and ideas for being more sustainable in life and business. 

24. Social Good Podcast, Rhys Morgan

25. Share Impact, Kat Luckock* - Yes you guessed it I'm adding mine on the list too!! The podcast by and for female social entrepreneurs and impact business owners.

As a social entrepreneur I think it's important not just to focus inwards in the social enterprise and impact business space. It's important to look out and see what other innovators are doing in other sectors, countries and learn from what advances and discoveries they're making. With this in mind I listen to a number of other podcasts that educate and inspire me. I will share these soon in another podcast. 

Kat Luckock Social Impact  Strategist, Coach & Business Mentor