Achieve your Monthly Income Goal

This combined motherhood & entrepreneur thing is tough, (but I LOVE it)!

Which is why it's taken me nearly two weeks to produce this AMAZING new FREEBIE for you. In between feeding, changing, getting out the house each day to stay sane and taking Rosie to her first Boardroom meeting (find out more about this here on Instagram) I found a few hours to get this together because I knew YOU needed it.

I thought I was a little bit mad trying produce something new with a 7 week baby in tow but it just FELT like the right thing to do (and I’m all about following my INTUITION).

I know so many of you in my community struggle to reach your monthly income goal and want to just break your first £1k, £3k or even £5k month. But just keep STRUGGLING.

So I wanted to share the exact steps I took to achieve these goals and help others do the same.

And it's not just ONE freebie, it's 3-in-1!

I thought about what would be most useful and then decided to give you two extra bonuses as well. It’s the exact tools I use each month to stay on track and keep stretching. I'm so EXCITED to share it with you. 

It includes:

⚡️ My simple 6-step BLUEPRINT for achieving your monthly income goal, month-after-month

⚡️My MONTHLY INCOME PLANNING SHEET which you can print out and use at the start of every month to keep you focused


⚡️The EXACT spreadsheet template I use every month to budget, track my cash-flow and stay on track to reach my income goals (as well as review progress at the end of the month)

I designed this for you IF YOU’RE THE ENTREPRENEUR who:

👉🏻 is PASSIONATE about what they do but frustrated by not hitting their monthly income goal and needs to see BIG SHIFTS now!

👉🏻 wants simple tools that help deliver RESULTS month-on-month

👉🏻 needs to generate income to THRIVE not just survive

👉🏻 is READY to take ACTION on their dreams and build a SUSTAINABLE business

>> Download your copy of my 6-step blueprint TODAY <<

Download yours now and let me know how you get on with it. I always love receiving your feedback!