Don't hide parts of your story - they may be the key to your success!

I was inspired to write this blog today after a FREE strategy call with a female entrepreneur who’s been in my Facebook for a few weeks now.

We’d been messaging a bit backwards and forwards but this was the first time we’d jumped on a call together.

As with most of these free strategy calls she was looking for help in figuring out how she could make money in her business and attract more customers.

She was clear she needed to bring in at least a £1000/month in order to stay afloat. This very urgent financial need was blocking her from thinking creatively about what her big vision for her business was so it’s this that we needed to focus on - ways to generate income.

We talked for a while about some obvious things she could do to grow her mailing list, connect with more potential customers and longer term prospects for generating an income but she was struggling to see what she could sell no to start generating some income immediately.

The magic moment happened though when she shared more of her story about what she did before her current venture. It was through hearing this story that it became obvious to me about what she should start selling. In sharing her story about what she did before she disclosed that she had multiple resources and a whole book she’d written but never published! Valuable products (to the right audience) that were literally sat in a box under her bed.

So after a bit of reflection and coaching I was able to help her see the obvious things she available to sell, without actually having to create anything new.

By the end of the call we were able to create a simple action plan for her to move forward with some brilliant new ideas to generate the £1000/month she needed. Ideas which she’d never even considered before but were there staring her in the face, products that were ready to sell. She’d just never considered selling them before or recognising their value to others.

At the end of the call she said: “I wasn’t even going to tell you about what I did previously, I’m so glad I did”. She went on to say that the reason she started telling me about what she did previously was because I had told her about my other social enterprise - Solutions for the Planet - which was a similar organisation to the one she’d developed previously (albeit not as a trading social enterprise).

Don't be afraid to share your story

My purpose in sharing this story with you is we don’t know what we don’t know about people until we start connecting and sharing more of ourselves. When we share our stories we connect with one another, which in this case can create inspiration, new ideas and opportunities for growth. At other times it creates opportunities for sales, collaborations, new friendships, and so much more!

There are all parts of our story we maybe don’t want to share but sometimes it’s helpful to share a bit more of ourselves so we can deepen our connections and create these important opportunities for success.

So, the moral of the story is… don’t hide parts of yourself not thinking they’re relevant in that conversation. Share you’re full self and story so people can connect with the things that experience as interesting or of importance.

It really may be the key to your success!

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Who knows what ideas and solutions we could discover for your business.