What is an Impact Strategist?

It’s a question I imagine a lot of people think but don’t actually ask me: “What is an Impact Strategist, Kat?”

Well when I was starting Share Impact (back in 2017) and thinking about what I actually offered and helped people with, my mentor suggested creating a title for myself that both set me apart, described what I did but also inspired me to be my best self.

This made me realise how powerful the titles we give ourselves are. It also reminded me of the strength and confidence calling myself a Social Entrepreneur four years earlier, when I set up Solutions for the Planet with my best friend Jen, and we felt completely out of our depth.

Strategy is core to what I help people with, whether it’s to do with designing a programme; planning an event; thinking about how they’re going to measure their social impact or developing their communications plan – it’s all about strategy!

And, Impact is the thing I focus on. What positive social or environmental impact is an organisation having, or does it want to have and how do we evidence and communicate this in a way that is meaningful and attractive to those people it wants to bring along on the journey with it (customers, funders, partners or investors).

So, it made perfect sense to call myself an Impact Strategist – someone who helps people with all aspects of their impact strategy, simple!

It not only described what I did – or at least provided an opportunity for me to explain, when people asked what ‘Impact Strategist’ meant – it also set me apart and clarified my role.

I wasn’t just the Founder, Director or solo-preneur who had set up Share Impact, I was the expert you needed to sort out your impact strategy. I was the go-to person if you wanted help planning, measuring or communicating your impact.

This gave me confidence and inspired me to take on that role – the expert in my field. It helped me step up to the person I needed to be, when I had all those doubts about whether I had enough experience; would people want my support; who was I to think I could start and run a successful business?

This unique title gave me the strength to be exactly that – the best Impact Strategist I could be.  

What is an Impact Strategist?

I don’t worry about whether it’s actually a role; who else uses a title like this; whether other people understand it. I use it because it defines my role, in my own language (it makes sense to me); it describes who I am and what I do; and makes me feel confident and professional in what I’m setting out to achieve through Share Impact.

Do you have a title that does this for you? I can highly recommend you create one if you don’t already.


So, what is an Impact Strategist, Kat?

For me being an Impact Strategist is all about:

  • Ensuring organisations and businesses are delivering more social and environmental impact in all that they do (and yes, we’re talking about positive impact here)

  • Supporting organisations to both plan for and review this impact

  • Helping organisations to evaluate and measure the impact they’re creating so we can demonstrate ‘doing good’ does actually make a positive difference – with undisputable evidence and research

  • Helping organisations think through how they communicate their impact to stakeholders, customers and the wide public


It’s not just one thing, and it’s not simple but it my job and I absolutely love it!

Share Impact helps organisations measure and communicate their social or environmental impact so they can confidently communicate: why they exist, the difference they make and why others should care.

We provide research & evaluation services; training; consultancy, business mentoring and communication management with a focus on social impact measurement and reporting.

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