Welcome to the ‘Why Social Enterprise?’ Summit


A free series of webinars with experts from around the world exploring the importance of Social Entrepreneurship in creating sustainable economic, social and environmental change. 

Simply click on the links below to watch the recordings.

Rianne Klein Geltin, Impact Business Base

What is Social Entrepreneurship? The 4 most common ways to combine social impact and business

with Rianne Klein Geltink, Founder of Impact Business Base (Indonesia)

Watch here.

Erinch Sahan, WFTO

Spreading the Wealth - Why we need social entrepreneurship?

with Erinch Sahan, CEO at World Fair Trade Organisation (Belgium)

Watch here.

Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse

A circular economy model for reducing waste

with Kresse Wesling MBE, Co-Founder at Elvis & Kresse (UK)

Watch here.

Andy Daly, SEUK

Corporate supply chains - why and how they are engaging with social enterprises

with Andy Daly, Corporate Partnerships lead at SEUK (UK)

Watch here

Leading by example - becoming a social enterprise after years as a family run business

with Philip Ullman, Chief Energiser at Cordant Group (UK)

Watch here

Phillip Ullman, Cordant Group
Tom Dawkins, Start Some Good

Crowdfunding - The power of your tribe to create some good

with Tom Dawkins, CEO at Start Some Good (Australia)

Watch here

Rachel Mountain, Ethex

A world full of wealth - social impact investment

Rachel Mountain, Head of Marketing & Communications at Ethex (UK)

Watch here.

Lucy Findlay, Social Enterprise Mark CIC

Legal structures and accreditation - does it really matter?

Lucy Findlay, CEO at Social Enterprise Mark CIC (UK)

Watch here

Benita Matofska.png

The sharing economy

Benita Matofska, Founder at The People who Share (UK)

Watch here

David LePage, Accelerating Social Impact

What’s going on internationally?

with David LePage, Principal at Accelerating Social Impact (Canada)

Watch here

Where does money come from and why does it matter?

with Rachel Oliver, Head of Campaigns and Organising at Positive Money (UK)

Watch here

Rachel Olive, Positive Money
Paul Devoy, Investors in People

Why putting people first matters

with Paul Devoy, CEO at Investors in People CIC (UK)

Watch here

Social Entrepreneurship online - changing the way we do business

with Kathy Wong, Founder at Moeloco (Australia)

Watch here

Kathy Wong, Moeloco
Sian Conway, EthicalHour

Changing consumer trends and what they’re looking for when purchasing

Sian Conway, Founder at #EthicalHour (UK)

Watch here

Why I created the summit…

At a conference for social entrepreneurs earlier this year I was disappointed to see so few people in attendance, especially when the speakers and content of that conference were so useful, interesting and significant. It was mentioned by many people there that these discussions needed to get out to a much wider audience. I highlighted that the conference had really missed a trick by not streaming it live and utilising social media especially as some of the speakers had tens of thousands of followers on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

It sparked an idea I had seen done in other industries. What about a free virtual summit where people could sign up and either join live or watch and listen to the presentations and discussions at their own convenience. This way we could reach a much wider audience, in different time-zones and with differing priorities.

Attending events and conferences isn’t always easy: taking time away from work or other commitments; the cost of the ticket and travelling; arranging child care etc.

All that’s required for a free virtual summit is an internet signal and computer device.

If this is your first virtual summit we welcome you to the new world of learning, connection and finding a different way to participate.

Who is Kat Luckock?

Kat is the founder of Share Impact and organiser of the Why Social Enterprise Summit. (That’s me!)

She has been a Social Entrepreneur since 2013 when her and her best friend, Jen Baughan, started Solutions for the Planet - a STEM and Enterprise programme with a sustainability focus for 11-14 year olds in secondary schools. She is still involved on the Board of Directors but left her operational role there in 2016 to pursue Share Impact.

Now as an Impact Strategist and Business Coach (and Founder of Share Impact) she helps other social entrepreneurs measure and communicate their social and environmental impact better so they can attract more customers, increase their income and deliver more impact.

Kat believes social enterprises should be profitable so they can develop quicker and deliver more impact. She’s passionate about helping social entrepreneurs think creatively about their income strategy and impact, so they use their impact story to engage and attract their target customers or key stakeholders.

Kat Luckock, Share Impact

Kat believes in the possibility of a thriving social enterprise sector that challenges the status quo but only if more people understand what it is and choose to support them - in particular citizens, consumers, graduates, business owners. Creating this summit is one way to contribute to this mission

You can find out more about me and Share Impact here.