Three steps to attract customers

So if you’ve been listening to me for a while in my Facebook Group, reading my emails or blogs you’ll know that I talk A LOT about the importance or communicating your social and environmental impact as a Social Entrepreneur. (And I’ll keep banging this drum until more Social Entrepreneurs start doing it!)

It is essential to attracting customers and income to your business. And who doesn’t want more customers and income?! Because more means a more sustainable business delivering more social or environmental impact.

But in telling you to do it I recognise I also need to share how you do it.

So for those of you who need a little more convincing and some help with how you actually communicate our impact I created 3 steps to attracting customers a free resource that takes you through what you need to do and why it’s so important.


Download the free resource here.

It contains details of how to implement the three steps (below) and worksheets to help you get it done.

As a sneak peak for reading my blog the three steps include:

  1. Get clear on why you do what you do and the impact your create

  2. Decide exactly who you want to talk to and discover what they want, need or desire

  3. Plan how you’re going to get your message across and be consistent