13 ways to promote your Social Enterprise for free!

Sometimes you want to find ways that promote your business and it’s products and services without actually having to spend any money.

I get it!

So in this blog I’m sharing 13 different ways you can that are absolutely FREE!

1.Post regularly and engage on Social Media

Whatever platform you prefer to use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn) share your news, promote your story and connect with new customers for free on social media

2. Maximise LinkedIn

Build your professional newtork and connect with target audiences either directly or via groups. You can also post articles, or use it as a blog platform and increase your reach with different and new audience

3. Create a PDF or flyer

Even just a simple word document provides a great way to communicate your why, how and what in an easy digestible way for people to pick up. Clearly state the benefits you provide (and make sure they’re things your target audience is interested in).

4. Attend events, conference and trade shows

Okay so they’re not always free but many are and sometimes you can get in for free if you offer to be a panellist or guest expert. Find the events your target audience will be attending and go to those events so you can meet and network with them. Get their business cards so you can follow up, don’t rely on others doing this for you.

5. Share your expertise

Ask to be on a panel at a conference, a speaker at an event or run a workshop so you can share your expertise and talk about your experience and business. Event organisers are often looking for different voices and perspectives to join their panels or facilitate a workshop.

6. Write an article, blog or record a video

You know your business best so write about it, or record yourself talking about it. Whether it’s on your website or shared via a different platform.

7. Write a guest blog

Find a blogger who has an audience who’s your target audience and ask to write a guest blog.

8. Get Featured

Find the publications (print & online) that your audience is reading and contact the editor and ask if they would like to write an article about your organisation, it’s impact or a topic you’re knowledgeable about. Think about local or national press, industry press and professional membership organisations.

9. Utilise Supply Chains

This is particularly relevant if you sell to other businesses. Ask your existing partners and customers to write to their supply chain and networks telling them about what you do, why they’ve partnered with/bought from you and ask if they would like to do the same.

At Solutions for the Planet we found this to be a really useful tool in connecting in to networks of businesses we previously had no contact with. One of our partners also wrote in to their contracts that suppliers were strongly encouraged to engage in our programme as well.

10. Maintain your website

Invest time in keeping your website up to date and think about the ways you direct people to your website. This is often your best platform to convert visitors in to customers but they won’t just stumble across your website you need to direct them to it.

You also need to check your website is working for you. Use your website analytics to see how people travel through your website and where they stop.

11. Write to your mailing list

If you have a mailing list, use it. Keep your mailing list audience up to date with what you’re doing, how they can get involved, support, or buy from you. Whether it’s an e-newsletter or sales funnel this is a ready audience to build a relationship with and sell to.

12. Prepare a Presentation

Have your presentation or pitch ready to go in case someone asks for it. Saving a PowerPoint as a PDF can be a good way to share key information via email with new contacts.

13. Meetings with your ideal client

Nothing beats a face to face meeting and there’s generally no cost. But prioritise the meetings that will get you results and be clear on the purpose of every meeting you attend.

Save time and money by having meetings via skype, zoom, Facebook, Whatsapp or another online conference facility. This saves time travelling and money paying for transport.